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Super Premium Silk Larkspur Waterfall Spray - Ivory 44"


  • Item #: 166014
  • Weight: 0.20 LBS
  • Features: hang, drape
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Length: 44 inches
  • Color Family: ivory,orange
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Create an awesome shower of flowers with our dreamy Ivory Larkspur Waterfall Spray, full of lusciously attractive, super premium silk blooms and leaves that cascade 44" from top to bottom! There is a 6" bendable main stem that branches into 3 waterfall sprays and each is 34" long with an additional 4" of "new growth" at the tip. The flowers are attached to both sides of the spray making each approx. 5" wide. For wider coverage, you can fan out the bendable sprays to a total of about 11" wide or keep them closer together for a more condensed look.

There is ONE spray in Katie's right hand, and TWO sprays in Katie's left hand. You get ONE spray per order.

These flowers are striking and really pop with personality! In the center is an orange-tipped stamen, surrounded by creamy ivory petals that have a very soft touch of yellow in the center. Under that is a second layer of petals that are completely ivory. they're truly dazzling! Each flower is approx. 2" in diameter and at the base of each flower are spurs - long, thin petals - which increases the diameter of each to approx. 3".

Flowers make a tremendous statement at weddings and events and we strive to provide you with the highest quality and best selection for your shower, wedding, special event or for beautifying around the house. Whether you prefer tall or short centerpieces, this versatile spray adds a lot of visual interest! Simply secure in a Stylish Vase and let the dangling blooms pool onto the table. Tie to a wedding arch or place in the holes provided atop a Wedding Pillar Column. Easy yet spectacular!

Using floral wire or wire ties, create a remarkable hanging garden by suspending these sprays from overhead structures like a trellis, pavilion, gazebo, pergola or event tents. If your venue has a drop-ceiling, hang the sprays from magnet hooks placed on the metal strips.

Floral Decor doesn't have to be expensive just to be attractive and sophisticated. For peace of mind, choose from our large selection of premium high quality silk or foam flowers to decorate your next celebration!
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