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Gold Metal Ring Flower Hoops 16" + 20" - Set of 2, With Hanging Loops


  • Item #: 177033
  • Weight: 2.00 LBS
  • Features: Hanging, Indoor/Outdoor
  • Diameter: 15 3/4 and 19 1/2 inches
  • Color Family: gold
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  • In Stock!

Metal Rings for Hanging Floral Décor or Decorative Wall Backdrop, 2 Gold Hoops, 15 3/4" and 19 1/2" Floral Frames 

Some of the best results we've seen regarding floral décor and displays have started with a simple, minimal frame. So it goes with our Set of 2 Gold Metal Hoops which can hang from the ceiling, be used as backdrop wall décor or walk down the aisle as an alternative to bridal party bouquets. Each ring is a robust 3/16" thick and has a 1/2" ring welded to the top for easy hanging.  The rings measure 15 3/4" and 19 1/2" in diameter and will hold a variety of flower and greenery garlands, bouquets, sprays or lights.

Whatever the colors of your wedding or event, or whatever your at home personal style is, these rings can hold as little or as much as you desire.  The circumference (distance around the circle) of the rings is 50" and 61" and Greenery Garlands will add bulk and texture while completely encircling the rings.  You can also double up the vines or cut them.  The same is true with our flower garlands which come in a large variety of colors and styles.  Some are completely flexible while others have a bendable wire to help form them to the frame.  Our sprays and bouquets can also be cut and attached with floral wire where you need them.

To add even more heft, attach chicken wire to the rings which also serves as a great way to help hold the florals. Magnet hooks can also be used to aid in decorating and are easy to conceal.  If your design calls for lights, our Fairy String Lights are super thin, very flexible and the micro LED's stay cool to the touch while producing a great amount light.  Draping tulle adds a soft touch while hanging glass candle holders add romance and dreamy overhead candlelight.   

So they're not just simple and minimalistic frames.  It's 2 golden rings that are the start of a beautiful and spectacular decorating adventure!

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