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3-D Fantasy Forest Laser Cut Tree - 4 White Panels - 6 Feet Tall - Folds Flat

Item #: 177209
Item Specifics
51 inches
71 inches
freestanding||folds flat||paintable
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Item Description
Freestanding Scroll Cut-Out Event Tree 71" Tall by 51" Wide w/4 Hinged Panels that Fold Flat. Pure White, Lightweight Floor Decoration & Prop.

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With 71" of amazing eye-catching details, a durable quality design, easy transportation and setup, our Large Fantasy Forest Tree with intricate cut-outs makes event planners smile with joy! This pure white tree prop is 71" tall and has 4 panels, completely finished on all sides, that are 1/2" thick. The tree spreads to 51" wide but a prime feature is that the panels are hinged so the entire unit folds to 2.5" thick and only weighs 17 lbs.! How's that for portable, stress-free decorating!

Precision laser cut and full of intricate details, this tree comes with 3 sides hinged together and the 4th side has an unattached hinge. You will receive screws to attach the 4th side to form a 3-D prop, or leave it unattached so you can place flat against a wall and position the panels as you want or even use to fill up a corner. Either way, this tree stands on its' own as an elegant focal point and if your event theme calls for colors other than wedding white, simply spray paint it! Just like this tree, all of our laser cut items are very easy to paint so one week you can host a silvery glitter party celebration and the next weeks' event has a tie-dye rainbow theme. No problem!

Display this elegant beauty as is or place on several Green Landscape Mats to create a stunning center of attention. Ideal for large lobbies, patios, ballrooms and stores, the scroll cut-outs provide many places to add crystal bead strands or hang Crystal Pendants. Illuminate with an LED Up Light or use colored lighting for holiday celebrations or to match the theme of your party or event. Pair with our 39 1/2" tall tree and create your own Fantasy Forest Wonderland!
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3-D Fantasy Forest Laser Cut Tree - 4 White Panels - 6 Feet Tall - Folds Flat
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