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Rose Waterfall - Bendable Hanging or Tabletop Cream Garland - 86" Long

Item #: 186006
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16 inches
86 inches
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Item Description
Hanging Floral Waterfall with Extra-Large Cream Roses, 86" Long by 16" Wide With Thick Bendable Stalk, 7 Roses and Leaves

The dilemma of converting blank venues into breath-taking fairyland gardens is no easy task. Doing so while staying in budget, virtually impossible. Start with affordable, essential décor like our Hanging Floral Waterfall With 7 Massive Cream Roses and the clouds will begin to clear! This waterfall is 86" (7' 2") long which includes a 5" plastic coated hanging loop that is heavy duty yet flexible enough to bend. The stalk is 1/2" thick and pliable enough to form this garland into a large circle. The width of the entire garland ranges from approx. 10" to 16", depending on whether you keep the leaves compact or bend them away from the stalk. There are a total of 7 roses, each 9" wide by 4 1/2" deep, and they can lay flat against the stalk or bend upright for a taller garland.

The hanging loop is so flexible that it can form its own secure hook to hang on a pipe. If you bend the hanging loop towards the stalk (essentially hiding it), you can use this awesome garland as a table runner which pretty much covers a standard 8' table. It also makes an impressive boarder for the cake table or to encircle the wedding cake and it's easy to illuminate. Simply wrap a flexible, Battery Operated Fairy String Light around the strand! Elegant!

Using the hanging loop, hang directly from the ceiling or attach to existing overhead structures to create extravagant floral chandeliers. Dress up and fill out Arches and Gazebos or use to disguise plain wooden frames. Using a few hooks, nails or u-shaped staples, this waterfall creates an amazing flower arch over a doorway while transforming it into an inviting floral entryway!

Anyway that it's displayed, this oversized Cream Rose Waterfall Garland is a grand start to creating memorable event décor!
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Rose Waterfall - Bendable Hanging or Tabletop Cream Garland - 86" Long
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