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Maple Leaf Garland Set Of 3 - Green - Each Strand 9.5" x 5.5' Long

Item #: 186031
Item Specifics
9 1/2 inches
5 1/2 feet each
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Item Description
Maple Leaf Garlands Set of 3 Hanging Greenery Decorations That String Together, Each Garland is 9.5" Wide by 5.5' Long, 30 Leaves Total, 16.5 Feet Total

Natural accent pieces enhance the ritziest of décor designs as well as rustic themes, so it's only natural that our Maple Leaf Green Garland Strands serve as staple decorating elements to have on hand to use year round! Each garland has 10 maple leaves and each leaf measures 9 1/2" wide by 9" long. They are strung on a clear monofilament line that is 5.5' (66") and the 3 strands can be strung together to create a 16.5' long garland of floating leaves! They can hang vertically or horizontally and there is a hanging loop on both ends for quick decorating. Although these large leaves make quite an impression, they collapse down and store in the handy, re-sealable bag that they come in!

When it comes to floral décor, green is the perfect accent color and leafy foliage is not only a great enhancement to centerpieces, but these maple leaf garlands are perfectly wonderful all on their own. For a lush jungle canopy, hang these garlands by themselves or for an overhead floating floral wonderland, hang with colorful rose petal garlands which creates a splendid contrast. These are an easy decoration to add to garden arches and gazebos, to wrap around poles and columns or simply lay down the center of tables as a 'natural' runner. The size of the leaves on these garlands also make them great for adding to wreaths or to dress up a mantle.

Luscious green foliage evokes life, adds depth and a bountiful richness, regardless of the design theme!
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Maple Leaf Garland Set Of 3 - Green - Each Strand 9.5" x 5.5' Long
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