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Blog! Photos! "Shiny Neutrals Make Glam Reception"

Blog! Photos! "Shiny Neutrals Make Glam Reception"

It's no secret that we are huge Tamara Wendt Design fans here at ShopWildThings. Her work consistently unites classic design with on point trends to create gorgeous wedding receptions that have an "It" factor everyone seeks.

Metallics and Pearls on the Tabletops
Gold is here to stay, and we cannot say enough good things about these tall candelabras, draped pearl bead strands, glass candle holders, pearls, and bling wrap accents. This classic look melds seamlessly with the hotel decor for an overall effect that makes the most of both your venue and your budget.

A closeup of the tablescape is almost a recipe for how to create a fabulous running centerpiece. A chic, conversation enabling arrangement, these long, tiered tablescapes are both current and timeless.

Glass Globes Suspended, with Florals and Pearls
We can't imagine a more cost effective way to bring elegance to the table that with these delicate floral round candle holders. Filled with pearls and a single rose, they add romance, softness, and a bit of floral goodness to each person"s view. (Pro tip: Use fine gauge wire to add stability when suspending these glass globes.)

Suspended Votives and Pearls
In keeping with the pearl theme, this detail shot shows draped pearl strands, pearl stickers, and loose pearls all working together to compliment the gold metallics in the tables and chairs. Add suspended votives with tealights, and you have a recipe for affordable ambience that is hard to beat.

Gold Metallics Meet Cake
We can't end this post without showing you Tamara's stunner of a cake table. This lovely layer cake is accented with subtle florals and sits atop a silver cake stand on a highly reflective metallic tablecloth, surrounded by glass votives. Dedicating an extra moment of care to this highly photographed area is a great use of time and energy, and we love how Tamara has created a cake table that blends perfectly with the luxurious hotel decor.

Whether you need a reception's worth of decor or some key pieces to round out your look, we hope you have found some inspiration in this top designer's work. Keeping up with the trends ~ without jumping on every bandwagon ~ is key to have a reception that will wow your guests. Our fabulous customer service folks would love to talk to you about what pieces will best serve your needs, how many to order, and even what shipping method to choose to be sure that they arrive in time for your big event. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you get just the right decor for your budget and taste.
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