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Deluxe Silk Peony Bouquet - Blush Pink Spray - 19" Tall, 5 Heads

Item #: 143106
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12 inches
19 inches
full blooms||bendable
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Item Description
Blush Pink Silk Peony Flower Bouquet 5-Head 19" Artificial Floral Blossoms

The main photo shows 6 of these bunches together. It's a very full, fabulous look for one vase! It's basically all you need to use! With your order of 1, you will receive 1 bunch that has 5 flower heads.

Celebrate the beauty of flowers and the awesome colors of Mother Nature with this Deluxe Silk Peony Bouquet in Blush Pink! There are 5 full blooms that are simply gorgeous and each is 3 1/2" to 4" wide by 2 1/2" to 3" tall. Forming a perfect floral bouquet shape, the middle head is 19" tall while the surrounding 4 heads are 17" tall and they're just loaded with layer after layer of frilly petals! The added abundance of dark green leaves really enhances the natural look of this full spray. The minimum width is 12" but with bendable stems, this spray can spread out.

Flowers are essential to any wedding or event but the cost and their temperament can cause lots of stress and grief. This bouquet won't wilt, wither or need special pampering. The color of this bouquet pairs beautifully with ivory flowers like this Silk Ivory Peony Bouquet and long-stemmed ivory roses add height and texture. For a bridal bouquet, simply wrap the stem and you're ready to go! For a full, compact wedding or event centerpiece, use a vase with a small opening (around 1") like an Eiffel Tower Vase.

For a floral arrangement that's more spread out, using a vase with a wider opening like our White Reversible Trumpet Vase allows the stems to relax and bend. Whether your event is traditional, tropical, rustic or garden-themed, this beautiful Soft Blush Pink Spray translates to stress-free decorating for your perfect day!
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Deluxe Silk Peony Bouquet - Blush Pink Spray - 19" Tall, 5 Heads
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