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K9 Crystal Candle Holder/Riser "Kathryn Large" - 23 3/4" Tall

Item #: 177505
Item Specifics
4 inches
23 3/4 inches
multi-use||tabletop||floor standing
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Item Description
23 3/4" Tall K9 Crystal Premium Wedding & Event Candle Holder "Kathryn Large", High Clarity Floral Holder or Riser

Classy, refined and elegant are some of the necessary features for lux wedding and event centerpieces and our "Kathryn Large" K9 Crystal Candle Holder offers even more with extraordinary clarity, versatility, portability and reusability! Kathryn stands 23 3/4" tall by 4" wide and can hold either a 3" (maximum diameter) pillar candle or a 3/4" in diameter taper candle. The design is clean and sleek with a sophistication that never goes out of style. This fashionable holder is also a riser, able to cradle a pomander kissing ball or topiary ball about 8" in diameter. Pair "Kathryn Large" with her 2 shorter sisters for a trio of impressiveness!

For a subtly understated look, use a single holder as a centerpiece to radiate the wonderful romantic glow of Candlelight or to add a floral aspect, top with white, ivory or colorful Pomander Kissing Balls made from foam or silk. As a trio, the grouping of holders still has a crisp look, due to the supreme clarity and chic design of these pedestals. For long tables, a line of tall crystal candle holders in varying heights creates a very classy, WOW! sensation that's hard to top.

If you want to use taper candles, there is an indent (for the pillars) where you can add some flowing greenery like Silk Ivy, securing with adhesive U GLU dots. The body style of Kathryn pairs beautifully with our 2 foot tall K9 Crystal Candelabra "Natalia".

Classy and elegant, ever stylish, versatile and impressive; you'll find all of this plus more in our Kathryn K9 Crystal Candle Holder! Kathryn also makes a prestigious wedding or anniversary gift!
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K9 Crystal Candle Holder/Riser "Kathryn Large" - 23 3/4" Tall
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