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Candles - Wax, LED Flameless or Floating Lights

Candles - Wax, LED Flameless or Floating Lights

White, Ivory or Color Changing Votives, Tapers, Tealights, Pillars

ShopWildThings Candles for Weddings and Events - We offer Wax Pillar Candles, Floating Candles, Poured Candles in Glass, Dome Top Candles, Taper Candles, Floating Candles in Bulk Packs with fantastic prices. We have chosen the highest quality Vietnamese Candles with the longest burn times around so that your candles will last throughout your event without extinguishing prematurely.

You'll also love our great selection of Flameless and LED candles that are safer than traditional candles. Flameless LED Candle technology has come a long way since it's early beginnings - and you'll love our selection!
The flameless candles you'll find in our catalog aren't your run-of-the-mill, everyday battery-operated candles. These are made from extremely high quality materials. Many are remote-ready, so you can control them without flipping a switch, and they're designed to look like real candles. You'll find white and ivory flameless pillar candles, as well as LED color-changing wax candles that come in sets of three. We have flameless flashing and fading color candles, 12-packs of melted-looking, realistic votive candles, and even LED floating candles that change colors. At ShopWildThings, we even carry LED taper candles that appear to flicker, just like real candles do, and those are often difficult to find.

Each of the flameless candles in our comprehensive collection has a wonderful purpose, and that's to create an awe-inspiring display for all of your guests. Because we have such a wide selection of high quality flameless candles, we're your one-stop shop for these types of decorations. They make great centerpieces, additions to paper lanterns, and so much more. Whether you're setting up an elegant, dignified display for a wedding or charity auction or you're setting up a party for teens that you want them to remember forever, you'll find exactly what you need at ShopWildThings.
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