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Real Crystal Beaded Candelabra 5 Cup "Prestige" Silver - 29" Tall

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19 1/2 inches
29 inches
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Item Description
Designing a gorgeous table setting or finding extraordinary centerpieces that are reliable, impressive and dazzling is stress-free and enjoyable when you start with this grand and stately, Prestige Silver Candelabra with 5 Cups, shimmering with Real Crystal Beads! We search long and hard to find quality crystal beads that are perfectly clear and the faceted angles sparkle with minimal light. We are proud of our Prestige line and know you'll be proud to show off this gorgeous Candelabra at any event or wedding,

This Candelabra stands 29" tall by 19 1/2" wide and it conveniently breaks down into 3 pcs; no tools required! Each of the 5 goblet cups is 3" tall by 4" wide and the candle plate is 1 3/4" in diameter, perfect for Flameless LED Candles . The faceted crystal beads are 1/2" in diameter and the clarity and sparkle factor are absolutely superb. Our crystal beads are real crystal, not acrylic and they are faceted on all sides. You will find sellers who "sneak" in plastic beads or mix acrylic with glass beads. We are fanatical that this is NOT done on our products. The plates under each cup also have 4 removable crystal strands that are each 4" long and there is a small decorative emblem on the base that adds a special touch of class!

This majestic Candelabra adds a sparkle and luster that will set your tablescape apart! Use bright and colorful LED Submersibles to coordinate with your event colors and give an exciting flair to your design. Or cover a white LED light with colorful Diamond Confetti. Spellbinding! There are lots of ways to change up the look of this marvelous Decor piece. Take a moment to watch the video and you'll see why we tend to carry on about our Prestige Line of Crystal Beaded Showpieces!
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Real Crystal Beaded Candelabra 5 Cup "Prestige" Silver - 29" Tall
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