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Crystal Iridescent Beaded Willow Tree "Manhattan" Adjustable up to 7.5 Feet

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Item Specifics
3 feet
7 1/2 feet
beaded||bendable branches
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Item Description
Iridescent Crystal Beaded Willow Tree "Manhattan", 7.5' Tall by 3' Wide, Height Adjustable Sparkling Tree with Bendable Branches

VERY LIMITED STOCK! If you need several (more than 12), please call and check stock: 928-855-6075 Thank you!

Dripping with cascading strands of sparkling beads, our Iridescent Crystal Beaded Willow Tree "Manhattan" is an impressive 7 1/2' tall by 3' wide! The branches are sturdy wire that can gently be bent and each branch ends in a waterfall of crystal beads. The beads are multi-shaped and all are faceted to beautifully pick up the slightest bit of light. The beads are strung on thin, flexible wire, causing them to sprout off of the main branches. The round base weighs 14.7 lbs. and is 13" in diameter and this tree comes with 3 poles, each 2' tall so you can display this at 44" tall, 68" tall or the full 92" (just over 7.5').

The willow topper has an 8" long rod that simply slides into the pole (the coupling connector will need to be removed). The topper section also has a sturdy metal ring on the end so you could hang it upside down as ceiling décor but please be mindful how it's hung because this piece alone weighs 6.3 lbs. Using this as a tree, if 7.5' is a bit too tall, simply bend the middle branches to accommodate the height you desire. For a glamorous centerpiece focal point, just use 1 pole!

For weddings and events or frozen and winter themed parties, this is the ideal accent piece but really has the classy look and flexibility to adorn any party. You can shape the branches as you wish and even add Battery Operated Fairy String Lights for additional dazzle. This tree completely breaks down for minimal storage space!
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Crystal Iridescent Beaded Willow Tree "Manhattan" Adjustable up to 7.5 Feet
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