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Beaded Real Crystals Candle Holders - Tulip Set of 3 - "Prestige" - Indian Gold


  • Item #: 143042
  • Weight: 5.00 LBS
  • Features: beaded, tabletop, floor standing
  • Height: 18 1/2 inches
  • Width: 4 1/2 inches
  • Color Family: gold,clear
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  • In Stock!

Designing a gorgeous table setting or finding extraordinary centerpieces that are reliable, impressive and dazzling is quite easy when you start with our incredible line of Prestige Crystal Beaded Decor so we're very proud to have added this set of 3 Indian Gold Candle Holders! GENUINE crystal beads sparkle all around these tulip holders set atop elegant pedestals and the rich shade of Indian Gold adds a brilliant luster that will set your tablescape apart! Our crystal beads are real crystal, not acrylic and they are faceted on all sides. You will find sellers who "sneak" in plastic beads or mix acrylic with glass beads. We are fanatical that this is NOT done on our products.

The candle holders measure 14 3/8" tall, 16 3/4" tall and 18 1/2" tall and there is a small decorative emblem on the base of each holder that adds a touch of class! The tulip shaped goblet of each holder is 4 1/2" wide by 4 1/4" deep with a candle plate that's 1 1/2" in diameter. The faceted crystal beads are 1/2" in diameter and the clarity and sparkle factor are absolutely superb! These easy to use accent pieces make awesome wedding and event centerpieces and they sparkle non-stop without any light but if you simply add Flameless LED Candles , you will be amazed!

Use our bright and colorful LED Submersibles to coordinate with your event colors and give an exciting flair to your Decor. Then for added extravagance, create a glimmering crystal and golden glow by tossing in some Diamond Confetti. Spectacular! Take a moment to watch the video and you'll see why we tend to carry on about our Prestige Line of Crystal Beaded Showpieces!

To differentiate between Regular Gold and Indian Gold, go to Google and enter: Pantone 14-0951 TRX Golden Rod to see what the color of this "Indian Gold" closest resembles in the Pantone Color Chart. Of course, the finish is metallic so you get added depth. Regular Gold is more of a Soft Gold. It's hard to give a Pantone Color for what we call Regular Gold but we'd say it's closer to what you'd think of as 14K jewelry.

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