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Real Crystal 5 Cup Candelabra "Colin Gold" - 24" Tall

Item #: 177603
Item Specifics
13 inches
2 feet
tabletop||waterproof cups
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Item Description
24" Tall by 13" Wide 5 Arm Crystal Candelabra "Colin Gold" Wedding and Event Centerpiece With 5 Watertight Glass Cylinder Cups

Stunning and luxurious, our "Colin Gold" Crystal Candelabra features 5 arms with glass cylinder cups that are 3 3/4" tall by 2 1/2" wide and perhaps the best aspect of all is that the cups are watertight! Colin Gold stands 2' tall by 13" wide and the base is a 5 1/2" mirror topped circle. The top of the cups are rimmed in gold and each can hold a 2" wide pillar candle. There are 20 crystal beaded pendants, each 3 1/2" long to hang under the cups and the arms.

The stem of this candelabra is so elegant! The lower portion is clean, crisp and crystal clear, while the upper portion has faceted spheres. Illuminate with real wax candles, Flameless LED Candles or go another route. Since the glass cups are watertight, there are a variety of display options. Float Foam Roses, floating candles, water pearl jelly decor or use submersible LED's for color. Each cup holds 8 oz. of water (that's all the way to the top).

Combining greenery with candlelight creates a refreshing and appealing mix. Place some Ivy Garlands in the cups and let them dangle down the sides with a flameless candle in the middle. These cups also look great with clear or colorful diamond confetti or silky rose petals to match your wedding or event theme!

Please view the video which shows another of our Crystal Candelabra pieces and you'll see why we're so proud of our line of extraordinary gorgeous candelabras!
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Real Crystal 5 Cup Candelabra "Colin Gold" - 24" Tall
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