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Custom Bendable or Straight Metal Rod Curtains & Columns - Great for Curved Walls!

Item #: 999133
Made in the USA by American workers here in our Arizona studios! We are so crazy about quality and customer service - we'd love for you to fall in love with us. Call our super-friendly and knowledgable staff with your idea and let's see if we can make it happen! We offer many sizes and options for bendable metal top curtains and columns. Columns can be from 1' to 4' in diameter with lengths of beads as long as you can imagine. Curtains can be made in any width, any length! Tell us about your custom order by clicking on the Green Button below, or call us at 928.855.6075.
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Custom orders require a $100.00 Minimum Order. Custom Quotes are cheerfully provided with no obligation to buy.
Item Description
We would love to create a CUSTOM Bendable (Metal or Fabric!) OR Straight Top Metal Beaded Curtain for you. Our fabrication team in Arizona is crazy about quality and will create a product you'll be proud to display.

Choose from most of our Acrylic, Crystal, or Metal Bead Styles, choose your width and length, and let us create something that really speaks to your style. Choose a Metal Rod Column OR a Bendable Rod Curtain. Let us know what your use will be so that we choose the correct metal for the job.

Need to decorate a curved wall or create a room divider? We can do that! We can add rods to both ends of your curtains, too!

Need some totally custom Hanging Columns? Let us create them for you.

We make HUGE Columns in large diameters with either beads or fabric strings attached. You can choose in diameters up to 4 Feet!

Custom Bendable Metal Rod Curtains are available in any width, in any length of beads. If your space calls for 50 linear feet, it is likely that we will make your project in several 4 or 8 foot wide panels depending on the weight of the beads and the needs of the client.

We are flexible and will work with you!

We also offer Custom 3 Foot Wide 4 Tier Chandelier Frames if you're looking to match your Custom Beaded Curtains with Custom Columns or Chandeliers!

Prefer the Fabric String Column look? We can do that, too!

Special Note : Custom Orders are non-refundable, non-returnable, and once production has begun, non-cancellable. Custom Orders do not qualify for additional discounts or Free UPS Ground Shipping, but we only charge our actual negotiated shipping rates. We are also always happy to let you use your shipping account number for any order placed with us.

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Custom Bendable or Straight Metal Rod Curtains & Columns - Great for Curved Walls!
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