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COMING SOON! Flower Wall Curved Section 9 1/2" x 19" Premium Silk Roses & Hydrangeas - Cream

Item #: 166036
Item Description
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Curved Silk Flower Walls For Event Arches, Chupphas, Gazebos, Pipe & Drape Kits or To Cover Venue Support Columns and Poles, Huge Cream Roses & Hydrangea Floral Mat

Top event planners and designers know it's all in the details and when faced with a plain ceremony structure or a venue that needs some TLC, having unique decorating pieces like our Cream Roses & Hydrangeas Curved Flower Wall can truly save the day! *The plastic frame on this curved flower wall measures 4 3/4" x 17" but the flowers extend well over the edges making the actual measurement about 9 1/2" x 19". This wall section features 4" wide roses cupped in green leaves and 2" wide hydrangeas mounted on a heavy-duty green plastic grid that is a 120 arc. These walls are the answer to covering wedding arches, the poles on pipe and drape kits, chupphas, gazebos or the support columns found in many venue halls.

Both of the 17" long sides of the mat have 3 holes, each 3/8" in diameter. You can use these sturdy holes to fasten (wire ties or fabric floral wire, for example) together as many mats as you need. No matter how large the column, pole or surface is, the slightly curved design will envelope your structure in magnificent flowers which extend well over the frame edge to hide the connecting ties.

For indoor and outdoor events, Wedding Arches provide the perfect setting to frame the ceremony and are an awesome backdrop for pictures. The amount of mats needed will depend on the depth of the arch (front to back measurement). For example, on our Seraphina and Amore Arches which are each 5" deep, if only the foremost part of the arch will be seen, 2 mats would suffice but if you want a fully covered arch, we recommend using 3 mats around the frame. This gives a very full look with complete coverage from any angle.

If you're using a Pipe and Drape Backdrop Kit or Gazebo , you only need 2 mats, tied back to back, to fit around a pole up to 2" in diameter. If using a backdrop kit that will be positioned against a wall, just use 1 mat (tying it to itself) to cover the front of the pole. It takes 4 mats to cover 1 side of a 6' tall pole.

A lot of indoor venues have support columns or poles that notoriously look a bit shabby and isn't it true that the more outstanding a room looks, the more our eyes tend to zero in on those unattractive areas (ah, human nature!). The curved design on these mats is such that no matter how large the column or pole, it can be covered by fastening additional mats together.

Perhaps you have a narrow wall or surface that's too small for a regular sized flower wall or you'd like to create a border on an existing flower wall. This curved mat will add the finishing detail and enhance the look. It perfectly matches our Blush Pink & Ivory Flower Wall and our Cream Flower Wall.

After you've checked every detail of your well planned, impressive venue, check again. Those overlooked areas might just need some TLC to perfect the look!
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COMING SOON! Flower Wall Curved Section 9 1/2" x 19" Premium Silk Roses & Hydrangeas - Cream
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