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DIY Princess Rooms|Disney Inspired Styles

DIY Princess Rooms|Disney Inspired Styles

We get a little giddy when it comes to all things little girl ~ we love soft pastels, bright pinks and purples, playing dress up, American Girl Dolls, glitter, tulle, and of course princesses. Which princess? Well, if you tapped a wand on our heads and asked us to choose, we'd get down to Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for the less princess-savvy) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid, y'all) pretty quickly.

But then it gets tough. They're both great singers, have cute sidekicks, meet great guys... Probably Aurora gets the edge as far as better clothes and jewelry, but Ariel has one up on the hair... Castle above ground versus castle underwater...

You see how we can get a little caught up in the whole princess thing, especially when it comes to the lovely ladies of Disney. And what better way to channel our love of all things princess than into easy, DIY-friendly kits to transform little girls' rooms into royal digs... On mama-friendly budgets.

So, (drumroll + trumpets, please), we've created our Room in a Box kits with everything that you need to design gorgeous settings for playing dress up, tea party, castle, and every other make-believe game that requires a canopy and some bling. We've already chosen sets that include a coordinating princess canopy, bead curtain, and chandelier. Just choose the colors that will thrill your little girl most, do the tiniest bit of user-friendly installation (we're talking a handful of hooks), and you have a perfect princess room. Use the canopy over a fluffy bean bag or comfy chair to create a royal reading space ~ and include the chandelier for light, or hang one over the bed. Hang the bead curtain behind sheers for a little peekaboo bling in the sun, or hang it against the wall as a backdrop for dramatic play. Voila ~ a play-friendly, serene sleep supporting princess room ~ with most of the three piece kits priced at $100 or less.

This is one of the loveliest little girl rooms we've seen (2nd photo) ~ and you can get a similar look on a much more modest budget by layering bed linens, drapes, and a room-in-a-box kit that includes a chandelier, bead curtain, and of course ~ a princess canopy.

For those of you who like to bake a cake mix but make the icing from scratch (we do that, btw), we love looks (3rd photo) that combine a custom detail or two ~ like this estate sale "crown" for the bed ~ with a room-in-a-box kit to get maximum style and maximum savings.

Picture 4 is another great example of a custom crown that would work so well with our room-in-a-box kits. This crown would be the perfect place to hide a bead curtain rod, btw, and what princess bed can't use a headboard of bling?

A daybed also looks adorable with a canopy ~ we'd put the bead curtain directly behind as a focal point and hang the chandelier inside the canopy. Or maybe we'd use the bead curtains instead of drapes. Or we could hang the bead curtain in the doorway for royal entrances.

If money is no object (5th photo), then may we respectfully suggest that one of these custom carriages (it's reportedly $48,000 worth of spherical goodness) is hard to beat for completing that transformation into a castle fit for princess play...

But for us, a great value with the key pieces included is a no brainer, and our room in a box kits fit that bill perfectly. As always, we'd love to see how you combine our products with your creativity to thrill the little girl in your life. You can email us images to anytime ~ please put "Customer Images" in the subject line.
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