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Event Entrances to Remember

Event Entrances to Remember

Set the Tone for a Memorable Event with an Elegant Entryway
A professional event designer understands the power of a great first impression, and the event entrance offers an unparalleled chance to make one with each guest. Your event"s entrance is the one space that is guaranteed to be seen by every guest, so it sets the tone for your entire reception.

Whether your event theme is over the top fabulousness, understated elegance, rustic chic, or another compelling aesthetic, the event entrance is the perfect place to establish the vibe for your entire affair with a place card table that will have every guest ooh"ing and ah"ing over the overall effect and noticing your attention to them personally.

In the main photo, this place card arrangement is a gorgeous example of interactive luxury. Suspending place cards from the strands of a bead curtain encourages guests to consider the entire installation, maximizing the effect of your design and your budget.

Whether you are working with a spare-no-expense budget, or strategizing about how best to spend a more modest amount of money, a splurge like this one is a great use of your bride"s budget because it offers wow! impact that sets the tone for a memorable evening. We adore the luxurious topper of live blooms, and if you need to cut costs a bit, consider our super realistic Faux Florals as a great alternative to the exquisite floral display shown here.

For an entrance whose elegance lies in its simplicity, consider a gold Manzanita tree with place cards suspended on ribbons. We love the clean design and the fact that the key elements (Manzanita tree, ribbons) are reusable, and we know that guests will enjoy finding their names in this modern entrance piece. Consider adding a few rhinestone and pearl Brooches or Buckles to the ribbons for weight and sparkle.

Memorable Outdoor Wedding Receptions Begin with Gorgeous Entryways
If you're lucky enough to be hosting a nighttime wedding reception at an outdoor venue, we have some inspiration for you: this romantic confection composed of greenery, live florals and candles suspended in glass globes. A single Tabletop Candelabra completes the look and ties the entire tablescape together. Suspended candlelight is one of our very favorite Decor elements, and we think that it is incorporated perfectly in this summertime wedding entrance.

This rustic chic entrance table (4th photo) sets the tone for an event that is focused on memory making and the people who are most important to the happy couple. We love the mix of natural elements alongside fire and metals, and we think that the feng shui experts among you will agree that harmony resides in this lovely entrance. Reusable geometric candle holders in different heights, including some on stands, are key to the overall effect, and they are a sophisticated element that you'll find yourself reaching for again and again.

Whether you are spending until the sun doesn't shine or maximizing a bride"s modest resources, stop-in-your-tracks event entrances are an optimal place to spend thought, energy, and a few extra dollars. Make a name for yourself as one who understands the importance of a good first impression by giving every single guest the star treatment when they arrive, in the form of a personalized invitation to their table conveyed in a show stopping entrance.

We would love to help you choose the best Decor products to give your clients the looks that they want at the price points that will set you apart as a true master of value. Because truly, there is always an event budget, and every bride wants to get the most for hers. We make it our business to stock the best quality products so that you can invest once and use them for years, and pass the savings along to your clients.

Give our customer service folks a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you find the right mix of Decor products to make the most of your creative vision, your brides" budgets, and your professional reputation.
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