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Metal Wedding Backdrop Set "Gabriella" White 3 Pcs 9' Tall x 35 Feet Wide

Item #: 177811
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10 feet
9 feet
individual pieces
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Item Description
3 Piece Wedding & Event Backdrop Set "Gabriella", 9' Tall White Metal Decorations With Ornate Cutout Detailing, Individual Pieces To Use Together Or Separate - Cover a stage area that is approximately 35 Feet Wide depending on how far apart you space the pieces!

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Truly stunning and visually gorgeous, our Wedding Backdrop Set "Gabriella" sets the stage for an elegant ceremony, as an upscale bridal table and photo backdrop or as a luxurious accent piece to glamorize a large wall! Gabriella consists of 3 individual pieces which are each a different shape, yet come together in a harmonious theme. The shorter arc is 94" tall (7.8') with a 9.5' span and the width at the base is 29". The taller arc is 108" tall (9') with a 10' span and the width at its base is 31". The circle measures 86" in diameter (7.2') with the opening measuring 5' in diameter. The frame on all pieces is 1" thick.

This massive set is completely finished on the backside and there is minimal hardware showing so the pieces can be viewed front and back. The cutouts on the arcs are an elegant scrollwork design while the design on the circle is mainly flower cutouts. Gabriella needs no further embellishment; however, you can easily drape leafy willow sprays, vines and ivy or hang dainty textured flower garlands. Our LED fairy string lights on thin, flexible wire can be mounted to the framework on the backside and delicate butterflies also make a wonderful addition to this exceptional statement piece.

Measurement for bases: large arc is 67" long by 21.5" wide / small arc is 55" long x 21.5" wide / circle is 35.5" long by 17.5" wide
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Metal Wedding Backdrop Set "Gabriella" White 3 Pcs 9' Tall x 35 Feet Wide
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