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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Five DIY Fall Centerpieces that are High on Style and Easy on Budgets
Five DIY Fall Centerpieces that are High on Style and Easy on Budgets

Five DIY Fall Centerpieces that are High on Style and Easy on Budgets

With a long run-up to Thanksgiving and a short (three week!) sprint from Turkey Day to Christmas, 2013 is a great year to spend a little extra effort on your fall centerpieces. We usually tend toward centerpieces that include a handful of easily available and/or reusable items in creative ways, and this year is no exception. Many of our top five fall centerpieces bring the farm to the table ~ but look equally at home amid modern or rustic Decor.

Centerpiece One: Candlelight, Nature, and Texture Meet We love the way that this long, layered centerpiece combines elements found in nature and at your local farmer"s market (small pumpkins and gourds, ferns, and berries) with tall ivory candles in varying sizes. Add a Burlap Runner and perhaps some moss and a few sprays for color and you have a lovely organic centerpiece that will last throughout autumn.

No time for a total redo for Christmas? Replace the pumpkins with poinsettias and pinecones, and this pretty arrangement could stay put well into the new year. (PS: If you haven't read Anita"s blog, it's the kind that really sucks you inÉ Her words are genuine and her projects are inspiring in an in-my-next-life-I'll-refinish-my-own-wormy-chestnut-countertops kind of way.)

Centerpiece Two: Modern Lines in a Spare Fall Centerpiece The simple, authentic feel of this centerpiece wins us over completely. No experience arranging florals is required, because the sturdy trio of pumpkins is a forgiving base for Tall Branches in a high vase. Add a bowl of nuts (or even acorns) for balance, and your table is ready for company. (Swap the pumpkins for some heavy Christmas balls, and this centerpiece can greet Santa in style.)

Centerpiece Three: Traditional Pumpkins in Non-Traditional Colors For an original twist on a tried and true fall color scheme, we love these white pumpkins with fiery fall colors in the red and yellow Sprays or Beaded Garland and orange runner. Beads and votives complete this original interpretation of a classic fall table.

Centerpiece Four: A Tempest in a Vase You can't beat this centerpiece for charming simplicity ~ we could assemble everything inside the vase in our yard right now. Well, if it weren't dark. Choose some pretty fall leaves and pinecones, a vase or three, and you have a delightful centerpiece. Best of all, label that vase when you pack your seasonal Decor away, and you can recreate this centerpiece on no budget at all next year.

Centerpiece Five: An Array of Fall Goodies Finally, we love this layered take on a fall centerpiece. It has just the right balance of whimsy and weight, and we're suckers for a visually appealing hodgepodge of favorite things. (And for any display that includes striped candy sticks.) Combining a tall glass vase, branches and/or sprays, some votives, Table Scatter and pumpkin-filled stands is more doable when you have a model to go by, and InspiredByCharm provides a great example here. (We love to see patterns applied to burlap runners, and these shiny polkadots look like a reasonable DIY option.)

So if our opening paragraph and the whole three-weeks-from-Thanksgiving-til-Christmas thing freaked you out a bit (as it did us when we realized, say, two days ago), we hope that we've redeemed ourselves by giving you some high impact, low cost ideas for dressing your table for the coming holidays.
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