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FAQ: Wooden & Bamboo Curtains (Customizing)

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Do You Make Custom Wooden Curtains? 


Here at ShopWildThings, we ALWAYS want to say yes.

Customized Bamboo & Wood
Bamboo and Wooden Beaded Curtains are customizable for orders with a minimum order of 300 pcs. Below, please find information that will help you to make these customizations on your own if you'd like. We do offer a lot of Custom Items that do not have large minimum order requirements: String Curtains, Acrylic Curtains, BallChain Metal Curtains, Lynx Chain Curtains, Chandeliers, Fringe Columns, Crystal Columns and more!

CLICK HERE to see more information about items that we customize.

Licensed Trademarks
Curtains with logos or trademarked characters can only be produced with explicit permission from the Copyright or Trademark owner. This includes any items depicting logos or anything copyrighted from sports teams, colleges and universities, cartoon characters, company logos, brands etc. If you are a licensed representative or owner of a Trademarked product with verifiable documentation and would like to have custom curtains made for your brand, please contact our offices at 928-855-6075 or use this Custom Order Request Form

DIY Shortening your Bamboo or Wooden Beaded Curtain
This is something that can be done, but it requires some elbow grease. If you are shortening your wooden curtain, you simply remove the bottom bead by cutting the string, and then continue to remove beads until you can tie off the string and secure the bottom bead in place. If you are shortening a Bamboo Painted Curtain, you'll need to keep some wire from the removed beads and then secure the bottom bead in place. 

DIY Trimming the WIDTH of a Bamboo or Wooden Bead Curtain
Check to be sure that the curtain you are viewing does not have a "webbing" that attaches one strand to the next. If the strands are individually placed in the header rod, you can cut the width with a hand saw. CLICK HERE to see all of our bamboo and wooden bead curtains that can have the width trimmed and also please see the video below

DIY Lengthening your Bamboo or Wooden Curtains
This requires purchasing extra curtains and tying the extra strands to the original strands. 

How to Cut the Width of Bamboo & Wood Beaded Curtains VIDEO
Painted Bamboo Beaded Curtain Demo VIDEO
Hanging Wooden Beaded Curtains in a Large Doorway VIDEO
Hanging 2 or More Curtains with a Pattern Design VIDEO

We have a lot of great in-stock curtain options:
Wooden Beaded Curtains HERE
Acrylic Beaded Curtains HERE
Bamboo Painted Beaded Curtains HERE
Metal Chain Beaded Curtains (made to order in ANY custom size!) HERE
String Curtains HERE

We're here for you: Our friendly team is always willing to help answer questions that you may have or to assist you in finding the perfect curtain for your space! Visit THIS PAGE on our website to view the items that we are able to customize in our Arizona Fabrication Studio.