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Home  >  Composite Chandeliers & Bar Pod with Bead Curtain Walls: We're in Love with Fauxcades
Composite Chandeliers & Bar Pod with Bead Curtain Walls:  We're in Love with Fauxcades

Composite Chandeliers & Bar Pod with Bead Curtain Walls: We're in Love with Fauxcades

One of the absolute best ways to understand what goes into inspired event design is to see before and after images of the venue. For many event designers, a large space with plenty of infrastructure (outlets, framing, etc.) ~ and not much else ~ is an inspiring canvas on which they can create an incredible and truly unique event, like this 50th Anniversary Party for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department designed by the inimitable Fauxcades of Dallas. Would you guess that the above picture was taken inside a tented reception at a Toyota dealership? If so, you're practically psychic. If not, keep scrolling to find out how one of the South's premiere design firms, Fauxcades of Dallas, set this scene inside a huge white tent. Because let's face it: a tabula doesn't get much more rasa than an outdoor tent, and yet tents are a favorite of event designers precisely because they sky is the limit when it comes to customization and uniqueness.

The Tent: Before the Chandeliers
The 2nd photo is the tent (yes, the same one as shown above) with a composite oversized chandelier ready to install. Notice that several of our chandeliers were combined to create each of the composite chandeliers like this one.

We love the creativity that comes into play in reimagining our staple pieces again and again. That's where a top shelf event designer and quality pieces that stand up to repeated use combine to produce high impact Decor that maximizes the client's budget. You can see Fauxcades folks fine tuning one of the oversized chandeliers here. Choosing clear or iridescent chandeliers maximizes their usefulness at event after event, since adding color is as easy as choosing the gels for your event lighting. (You can see some of the "raw materials" ~ another chandelier ~ in the foreground of this photo. That gives you an idea how easy it is to break down and store our chandeliers between events.)

Sometimes you just want to kiss the photographer. The 3th photo perfectly shows the statement piece ~ a series of oversized composite chandeliers ~ as well as the lighting that will make them pop during an evening reception.

With the row of composite chandeliers installed in the tent, the 4th photo shows how easy it is to change the color of an iridescent chandelier.

Bar Pods with Bead Curtain Walls? Make Ours A Double!
Meanwhile, Fauxcades had a little stroke of genius called a bar pod. That just sounds fun, doesn't it? They constructed bead curtain "walls" to accentuate the bar. Yet another inventive use of a reusable design staple that is easy to work with and quick to install.

The finished look is nothing short of amazing. These bar pods in the last photo make the bar a cool focal point without compromising their functionality, and they look pretty awesome, too. (We love how they have shortened the bead curtains on the front to allow easy access. Yet another way to take advantage of the easy customization factor.)

Fauxcades events never cease to bring the wow! factor, and we are delighted to be able to take you inside a tent transformation of this magnitude.

If you are contemplating your own fabulous event with a stark white tent as your starting point, we would love the chance to help you get the most bang for your design bucks. We ship most products directly from our (kinda huge) warehouse, and we will be glad to help you figure out the details that will make your vision a reality. We specialize in the what, how many, and how quickly can you get it to me questions. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let our helpful customer service folks (based right here in our warehouse) be your guide to our thousands of in-stock, high quality products.
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