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Recipe for Successful Centerpieces|Ostrich Feathers and LED Lights

Recipe for Successful Centerpieces|Ostrich Feathers and LED Lights

Choosing to work with a professional event designer means getting access to two key resources: the event designer"s brain (and experience) and the event designer"s stable of event staples. One of the unsung heroes of fabulous nighttime events is the Ostrich Feather and we don't know anyone who can make it fab like the Table Dressers team. If their work doesn't make ostrich feathers one of *your* favorite thingsÉ We won't even go there, because there"s no way that you're going to look at Table Dressers" work and *not* become a fan ~ of theirs *and* of feathers.

Because what we're *really* talking about are rooms that look like this, with ostrich feathers being a means to that end. These centerpieces are comprised of ostrich feathers in Eiffel Tower Vases and LED lights in the vases" bases. Light curtains suspended on the right side of the room (main photo) achieve the starlit sky effect, and (of course) gorgeous blue event lighting transforms the entire venue.

If environmentally friendly events strike a high note for you, you'll love knowing that ostrich feathers are renewable and reusable, with a side of gorgeous. In the 2nd photo, accented with Crystal Bead Strands and lifted high above the tables, ostrich feathers are stunning centerpieces in this all white-and-lucite wedding reception. (Hint for the cost conscious: Imagine how much less expensive renting these staple pieces from your pro designer is when compared to fresh floral blooms of similar size.)

Did you want to see a third thoroughly unique effect using the same ostrich feathers, tall vases and LED Vase Lighting? Table Dressers is full of vision and creativity, and the OF (ostrich feathers, y"all) are full of flexibility, so it's no trouble to serve up another look with a side of wow.

Did we mention that these pieces are really, really versatile? Can you picture ostrich feathers at a bat mitzvah (3rd photo)? Table Dressers can (did), and they transformed this room into just the right mix of girl and grown-up with feathers (and some really great event lighting), too. Add some crystal bead strands, and you have memorable tablescapes that are both elegant and fun. And not too hard on the budget, to boot.

Do you need to see just *one* more combination to be convinced? Here"s our final pitch, in the form of a private party dressed to the nines in ostrich feathers and LED lighting, with a side of gorgeous blue and chartreuse event lighting and some flameless candles to keep things interesting. Same staple pieces, same totally transformed room, completely unique visual effect.

Whether you're a veteran event designer looking to add high impact accessories at a reasonable cost, or a new designer who needs to maximize every dollar invested in terms of both versatility and longevity, we don't think that you can go wrong with ostrich feathers (and we suggest starting with white ones, since you can change their color with lighting), LED light discs, and crystal bead strands. We see the best in the business using these key pieces in endless combinations for unique looks at top shelf events, week after week. When quality and value ~ not to mention environmental responsibility ~ matter, these key staples are great investments in your stock of go-to event accessories.

All images courtesy of Table Dressers and used with permission.
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