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Fire Rated Decor

FR Certificates are available Pre or Post Purchase. Contact Us for more information. 


Please scroll to the very bottom of this page for more detailed information. Also see: FR Greenery Videos

The items on this page are Fire Treated or Considered to be Fire Proof such as Metal Chain Glass Crystals. Items such as Greenery Walls and String Curtains come with a Fire Test Report upon request. Some facilities require this testing to be presented to Fire Marshalls for approval prior to installation.

We are happy to provide a copy of our available FR Report either Pre-Purchase or Post-Purchase so that you can check with your Fire Marshall prior to installation.

This is generally required for commercial applications such as trade shows and public spaces in certain cities and states. Please thoroughly read the product descriptions for more information. We cannot be responsible for the laws in your area, which is why we offer copies of Fire Test Reports prior to purchase when requested. Most of our testing for Fire and Flammability is performed by SGS, a worldwide testing institution. Laws in every jurisdiction are different so if you are installing in a particularly strict location, please request documentation prior to purchase. Every part number does not have its own Fire Report due to the incredible costs of the testing. The tests are done on finished product, and then the finished product is manufactured into different styles. For example, we may carry 3 Greenery Walls that come with the same Fire Rating Certificate / Test. The individual part numbers cannot be listed on the test, as we are not legally able to edit the text or manipulate these test reports in any way. We do not provide factory identifiers. 

We also offer IFR materials, which are "inherently fire resistant" but do not include certificates. These are materials such as PVC Strands, Mylar Curtains and more. We cannot guarantee use for any particular purpose as the laws and regulations change from municipality to municipality.

 It can only be the buyer's responsibility to know the requirements of the locality and to select products appropriately. ShopWildThings, Inc. will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any of our products including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.