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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Floral Candle Chandeliers Made Easy(ish) - Wedding Decorating Ideas (and a shameless plug for our friend)
Floral Candle Chandeliers Made Easy(ish) - Wedding Decorating Ideas (and a shameless plug for our friend)

Floral Candle Chandeliers Made Easy(ish) - Wedding Decorating Ideas (and a shameless plug for our friend)

Outdoor Weddings and Jewel Toned Floral Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers are a top trend at luxury weddings and events, and our workhorse structural pieces make this look gettable for new designers and experienced pros alike. With the right ShopWildThings floral chandelier as a base, you can dress up your next venue with custom floral creations at a variety of heights for maximum impact.

Exuberant blooms in jewel tones contrast perfectly against the natural setting at the chic outdoor wedding in photo #2 above.

A series of uber upscale orchid floral chandeliers is a gorgeous Decor element at the outdoor reception in Photo#3. Complemented by hanging raindrop glass candleholders above and a long, low floral runner on the table, these floral chandeliers take center stage without upstaging the centerpiece.

Floral Chandeliers as Subtle Accents

Sometimes, your already pretty space needs just a little je ne sais quoi. Except that we do sais quoi ~ floral chandeliers are a pretty, classic way to fill in ceremony and reception spaces with elegance that does not overwhelm.

Floral swags and a floral chandelier in creams and pinks highlight the most important moment of the day without overwhelming the bride and groom, and they photograph perfectly.

We love the floral chandeliers at staggered heights and how they add a pop of color and overall gorgeousness to any reception, and by hanging several of them low over table, you can maximize seating and conversation by eliminating the need for tabletop centerpieces. Making florals do double duty in this way is a secret to maximizing your clients" budgets, and there"s no better way to prove that a professional event designer is worth every penny than to take good care of the dollars entrusted to you.

In Photo #5 close-up of this hydrangea and rose floral chandelier shows just how doable this look is with our floral chandeliers as your base. Floral chandeliers are one of those quiet worker bee pieces that don't take the spotlight, but that make your design work shine by facilitating show-stopping arrangements, efficient event setup, and myriad design concepts, week in and week out.

And, shameless plug, you can learn more about how to use floral chandeliers and other tools of the trade at Sarah Campbell"s upcoming workshops. She is the brains behind Intrigue Designs, one of the best event firms in the industry ~ always innovating and always sharing knowledge. Check out Sarah"s teaching schedule here, and don't wait too longÉ Her workshops sell out on the regular. Intrigue Teaches Workshops Here

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Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you find the reusable, sustainable Decor products that will bring top shelf design within reach with premium quality, easy setup, breakdown, and storage, and ultimate design flexibility. We look forward to seeing how you use our pieces to make your clients" dreams come true.

The items used in some of these photos were:

Hayden Candle Chandelier

Lulu Candle Chandelier

Hanging Glass Teardrops

Rachelle Candle Chandelier

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