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Basket Top Floral Centerpiece Riser - Ajustable to 48" Tall White Metal

Item #: 144647
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1 foot
4 feet
height adjustable
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Item Description
4 Foot Floral Décor Riser, Height Adjustable Two-Level White Metal Centerpiece Display Stand, Elevated Flower Tray

Our Two-Level White Metal Floral Riser is one of those invaluable decorating staples that you wish you'd had at your last event! This handy and versatile riser comes with 2 poles so the height (at the top of the basket) can be 26" up to 48" tall! The wire basket (or bowl) that sits on top has angled sides to help secure decorations and it measures 8" in diameter at the top, 6 1/2" in diameter at the bottom and it is 1 1/4" deep. The base is 12" in diameter and has decorative wire scrollwork to secure flower sprays or Garlands and Greenery to create a two-level floral extravaganza! This is also wonderful for holding our Pomander Rose and Hydrangea Balls!

The design of the basket is ideal not only for holding a multitude of florals, garlands, greenery and Pomander Kissing Balls but consider using it as a riser for large, flameless pillar candles (minimum 5 1/2" in diameter) or to create an elevated table chandelier. If you like sparkle like we like sparkle then you'll love the framework of the basket as it can easily be used to dangle tons of sparkling crystal beads!

As a floor riser, a Crystal Beaded Chandelier like Avalon or Ashlynn with a 6 1/4" inner ring sits perfectly atop the basket with plenty of room for an LED light saucer if you'd like to downlight the chandelier. Dress the bottom with flower garlands and greenery for a knockout floral chandelier accent piece!

Easy to store and transport, this riser weighs 2 lbs. and can be stored in a space measuring 24" x 4" x 12.5".
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