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Plumeria Frangipani Stacked Silk Garland Pure White - 78"

Item #: 143122
Item Specifics
2 inches
78 inches
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Item Description
Pure White Silk Flower Garland with Stacked Flowers, 6.5Ft Artificial Plumeria Frangipani Floral Decoration, Drape on Gazebos, Mandaps, Arches, Hooks, Line an Aisle, Use as Table Runners

Our gorgeous Pure White Plumeria Frangipani Silk Flower Garland is 6' 6" long and it's very soft and flexible, which means it's a real dream to work with! The flowers are 2" wide and are strung through the middle, making this a garland to be seen from any and all angles. This stacked flower garland is completely pliable, enough so that you can easily make small designs or use for large displays. Another great feature is that you can scrunch this garlard into a softball sized package for storage and transportation and it immediately fluffs out and keeps its shape!

Bend it, wrap it, tie it, curve it! Whatever application you need, this handy strand is not only beautifully elegant but it’s also very functional. Make leis, headbands, bracelets and ankle leis or create your own dreamy paradise by hanging from Overhead Display Frames for floral chandeliers, or tie to pipe-and-drape hardware, gazebos and mandaps. Encircle columns, banisters, balcony railings and handrails or line an aisle walkway with Shepherds’ Hooks and Wedding Arches.

Use in bridal bouquets, outline gift, cake and wedding party tables or lay down the center of a table with tulle and flameless LED candles or Fairy String Lights! Dreamy and Gorgeous! No wilting, withering, watering or worrying! You can also add some sparkle and dimension by intertwining with Crystal Garland Strands.

Whether your event is inside or outside, traditional or unconventional, elaborate or no-frills, chances are flowers will be in the picture but face it – real flowers are high maintenance, temperature sensitive, hard to transport, cost a fortune and who needs all that!? You need stress-free, uncomplicated, gorgeous tropical garlands.
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Plumeria Frangipani Stacked Silk Garland Pure White - 78"
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