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Round Aluminum 2-Tier Display Frame 4 FOOT DIAMETER!

Item #: 290006
Item Specifics
12 1/2 inches
4 feet
professional grade||all hardware included
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Item Description
Professional Grade Overhead Frame For Round Chandeliers & Banners 4 Ft Wide by 12 1/2" Tall 2-Tier Aluminum Hardware Pipes, Hanging Harness and Soft Case Storage Bag

Please allow an extra 2 business days for us to prepare this product and get it shipped out! Also, we make the hanging harness for this so if you want a different length, let us know. For example, if you need for this to hang closer to the ceiling, just give us the info and we'll make it however you want. Right now the product comes standard with a hanging harness that will hang about 120" from the ceiling, so that is a really tall ceiling! We can make that hanging harness shorter for you. Just add notes in the comments section of the checkout page, or call us 928.855.6075 or email us:

Top wedding and event planners rely on professional grade equipment and decorations so that their vision comes together quickly and the result is breathtaking. Pieces like our heavy-duty Aluminum Display Frame with 2-Tiers are exactly the kind of apparatus they count on to complete jaw-dropping, 3-D overhead magnificence! This frame is a whopping 4' in diameter by 12 1/2" tall, weighs 9 lbs. and comes with all the needed hardware, a 10' long hanging cable harness and even a soft case storage bag!

Please allow an extra 2 business days for us to prepare this product and get it shipped out!

You will receive:
  • 8 numbered arcs with snap buttons to form the 2 circles. Connect the pieces with the same numbers.
  • 4 supporting bars with screws and a tool to tighten the screws.
  • 4 loop screws for the harness to attach to the top tier.
  • 10' long hanging cable harness with carabiner snap links.
  • Soft case storage bag.

  • Floral chandeliers are to-die-for decor and Silk Flowers and Garlands are the hero of the design. Very realistic and full, there's no need to spend on real flowers when creating an overhead display, which means you can splurge on more flowers! What a deal AND we have a ton of bendable garlands and cascading sprays with bendable stems to wrap around the frame. Add some sparkle with crystal garland strands or use string lights to illuminate your creation! Hanging Glass Candle Holders and Terrariums are romantic, look incredible hanging overhaead and can easily be wire tied to the frame with tropical floral garlands covering the frame.

    Another fashionable look that fills all that overhead air space and looks awesome is String Curtains! All of our string curtains have a generous rod pocket to easily slide onto the poles, as does our sheer draping or poly premier panels but one of our favorites is to use LED Organza Curtains and most event centers have outlets on the ceiling. Paper Lanterns with battery operated lights are another inexpensive yet high impact look.

    For retail displays, trade shows, marketing, branding and promotional advertising, quit giving the sales to your competition and use this frame to turn the advantage in your favor with a banner that attracts attention and promotes YOU! Hanging high, visible from a long distance and 360° viewable, you will draw in the customers and in this day and age, you need absolutely every advantage possible.
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    Round Aluminum 2-Tier Display Frame 4 FOOT DIAMETER!
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