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Flower Garland Pearls & Crystals "Malana" - White 30"

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Item Specifics
4 inches
30 inches
flex handle||pearl center
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Item Description
Little Dainty Flowers with a bendable cluster on top - perfect for floral centerpieces or to add to your bouquet!

Every little detail counts when planning your special day and we get just how important it is to have every element look amazing, perform beautifully and last throughout the day. From hanging ceiling decor to table centerpieces and large floor vases, our aim is to provide you with superior products that save you decorating time while being sophisticated and glamorous.

The main photo shows FOUR of these items hanging right next to each other. If you order 1 piece, you will get 1 of these garland that each has it's own hanging bouquet at the top and 6 strands of flowers hanging from it.

Start with details like our charming Hanging Flower Garland "Malana" which means calming, relaxing and light - the perfect description for this soft and delicate garland that enhances wedding decor and adds elegance wherever it's used. Malana is 30" long with an additional 3" flexible hanging loop. At the top of this garland is a 4" bouquet of flowers encircled by a sheer, silvery bow. Streaming down from the bouquet are 6 strands of snow white flowers with faux pearl centers and at the end of each strand is a crystal clear faceted bead. The strands vary from 21" to 26" long and are attached with flexible wire so you can somewhat spread them out and the flowers are strung on clear monofilament line so they appear to be floating! Classy and graceful!

The hanging loop is firm but bendable so you can round it out in a circle or condense it to an oval and you can position it straight up or completely horizontal. This versatile loop makes it very convenient to hang in a variety of areas. Use Malana to create spectacular ceiling decor by hanging from chandeliers or overhead structures. For instance, on a drop-ceiling, use magnetic hooks on the metal grids or hang from any horizontal line, wire, twine or rope and let the cascading strands create a romantic overhead flower garden. Hang from a balcony, trellis, pergola, pavilion, gazebo or party tents.

As a centerpiece, place the loop around the base of a flameless LED candle and let the delicate flowers puddle onto a mirror. Use as aisle decor with shepherds' hooks, use as pew markers, hang on door knobs, hang from wedding arches, decorate a dessert table, incorporate into a bridal bouquet or adorn a flower girls basket. A breathtaking product to save you time while creating glamorous event decor!
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Flower Garland Pearls & Crystals "Malana" - White 30"
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