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CLEARANCE! Garden Stool - "Como" Marble Stone Finish 18" x 12"

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1 foot
18 inches
1 foot
floor standing
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Item Description
Inspired by traditional Chinese Decor, our hand-glazed ceramic stool doubles as a distinctive side table. Our new "Como" Stone Ceramic stool is magnificent and the marbling effect is spot-on! This multi-functional stool actually looks like stone in varigated shades of beige, brown and gray. This appealing yet neutral stool will fit in just about anywhere and can be used as a decorative accent table, seat or even as a base for a table top. You will find many uses for our increasingly popular ceramic stools. We've seen these used in bathrooms to stack towels on, in living rooms holding books, as end tables, as ottomans, to display plants and more. We've been featured in several magazines for our great selection on Stools combined with our super fair prices! Como Stone is 18" tall and the width varies from 12" in the middle to 11" at the top and bottom.
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CLEARANCE! Garden Stool - "Como" Marble Stone Finish 18" x 12"
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