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CLEARANCE! Glass Garland Streamer Metallic - Silver - 31"

Item #: 125006
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2 inches
29 inches
2 inches
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Item Description
The shine of silver gleaming off this glass ball strand is sure to catch attention! The hand-blown glass balls come in 3 sizes: 1.5", 2" and 2.5" and they are mounted on a thin flexible wire which gives the appearance of balls hanging in thin air. The strand has a 3" wire loop and is designed to be hung vertically but by adding a loop to the other end it can certainly become a horizontal garland.

The length of wire used for our handmade strands can vary from 27" to 31.5" so if you have more than 1 strand, you can have a staggered look or if you prefer a more uniform look, you can lengthen the loop.
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CLEARANCE! Glass Garland Streamer Metallic - Silver - 31"
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