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Greenery Garland - Flexible Boxwood Vine 5 Feet - 2 Toned Green


  • Item #: 144775
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS
  • Features: flexible, hanging, tabletop
  • Width: 7 inches
  • Length: 5 feet
  • Color Family: green
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  • In Stock!

5 Foot Long Flexible Boxwood Greenery Garland, Extra Full and Extra Long Leafy Vine with Hanging Loops to Swag over Doors, Wrap around Columns, Hang from Arches, Pipe and Drape Backdrops, Tents, Gazebos and Tabletop Centerpiece Risers, Cut to Size

Luscious greenery like our 5 Foot Long Flexible Boxwood Garland greatly enhances any floral display by adding rich color, lots of texture and it truly is the perfect final touch to complete your vision of an enchanted garden! This beefy vine weighs 1 lb. and is flat on the backside which has 6 concealed attachment loops to secure it to any structure or to hang on walls, frames or in corners.  The plastic coated brown vine is 3/16" thick with 3" of exposed wire on each end to wrap around backdrop arches, Tabletop Arbors & Centerpiece Risers, floral ceiling chandeliers or to connect 2 garlands together.   This boxwood garland fluffs out to approx. 7" wide.

Completely flexible and very full, this leafy garland is chocked full of lustrous dark green leaves mixed with lighter green leaves and sitting flat, the sprigs are approx. 2 1/2 – 3" tall. Because it's so full, you absolutely cannot tell that the back side is flat. Using the attachment loops, it's a cinch to wrap around columns or to decorate Arches, Gazebos or centerpiece risers and leafy greenery goes with any event theme or wedding décor.  Simply lay on a mantle, use as a table runner with fairy string lights, serpentine it around flameless candles or terrariums, or cut it to create candle wreaths.  This garland can encircle the outer edge of a wreath up to 20" in diameter. The flat backside with 6 attachment loops makes this super easy to hang on walls, to frame an entryway, a window or doorway while adding some life and color!

SWT Tip:  The attachment loops on the vine fit handily over our Magnet Hooks so if you're decorating a metal frame, these strong and so easy to use magnets will save you a ton of time!

Top event planners and designers are taking advantage of every part of their venues by adding overhead floral chandeliers to completely surround guests in luscious natural foliage and this garland is an ideal addition for lavish draping designs. Using a chandelier frame like Opera or a 2-tier hanging frame, dangle flowers and green garlands to create suspended floral magic! For jungle or nature themed events, simply hang multiple garlands at the entrance to your venue to set the party mood the second your guests arrive! 

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