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Gypsy Chandeliers & Multiple Arm Chandeliers

Gypsy Chandeliers & Multiple Arm Chandeliers

Our gorgeous acrylic crystal-beaded gypsy chandeliers are a favorite of top event planners that rely on them for indoor gala events and outdoor celebrations alike. Think you can't use one of these chandeliers outside, perhaps under a tent or canopy? Think again. By simply removing the light bulbs, you can turn this from a lighting fixture to a stunning showpiece. For an especially elegant touch, drape the arms with Strands of Crystal Beads , hang Gorgeous Shapely Pendants or LED Fairy Light Strands .

Dripping with beads, these chandeliers are ideal for home or event use. Hang our gypsy chandeliers outside for an alfresco wedding reception. We offer a variety of clear crystal gypsy chandeliers, and our options for wiring are either hard-wired or plug-in.

If your event is in the evening, add light bulbs or our fabulous energy-saving LED Light Discs. Having a daytime soiree? You don't need a drop of electricity to make these chandeliers shine - figuratively, that is.

View & Order ShopWildThings Crystal Beaded Multi-Arm below, or see our HUGE Chandelier Collection HERE!
You might even consider hanging strands of crystal beads or strands of flowers and garlands from our gypsy chandeliers to add even more glam and beauty. Shop our beads and strands collections for exquisite finds.

And now, event planners, rejoice! Many of the ShopWildThings gypsy crystal beaded chandeliers collapse. This means that transportation and storage are a snap. Instead of taking up half of your trucks and trailers to get lighting to your events, even our large gypsy chandeliers collapse into less than half of their expanded sizes.

When you're ready to use them again, simply spread the arms and tighten the bolts to hang. Choose from hard-wired 5-arm or 6-arm chandeliers. You can also choose the plug-in electrical configurations.

Trying to add some eclectic style to your home and not sure where to start? You can build an entire room around this marvelous focal point. Our multi-color gypsy chandeliers are available both in bold and bright rainbow colors, as well as in muted pastel hues. View our fun photo of the crystal beaded multi-arm gypsy beaded chandelier below.

You'll find that our chandeliers are used again and again as an affordable alternative to outrageously expensive real crystal lighting. Our high-grade acrylic beads featured on our gypsy chandeliers will leave you room to decorate the rest of the space and have money left over to buy diapers, too.

We are absolutely in love with the fact that they're so versatile, and that many are collapsible for easy storage between events or stage productions. Choose hard-wired or plug-in gypsy chandelier styles. Choose charming pastels, colorful rainbow hues or favorite solid colors for this chandelier.

The construction is premium glass, resin, acrylic and metal. An electrician can easily convert your plug-in crystal-facet bead chandelier to a hard-wired lighting fixture.

  • Available in hard-wired or plug-in styles
  • Choose 5-arm or 6-arm construction
  • Large sizes are 26" x 22" or 29" x 21"
  • Small sizes are 17" x 15"
  • Use 25-watt bulbs
  • Black, pink, fuchsia, red, smoke gray, purple
  • Also in clear, multi-color, mixed pastels

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