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VIDEO: Tips On Hanging & Storing Beaded Curtains

Our beaded curtains, no matter the bead type, all come hanging on their own rod. The beads are already inserted into this rod. You just follow the simple directions below (basically take 2 nails and put 'em up!) and you will have your beaded curtain up in no time at all!

HOT TIP FOR HANGING BEADED CURTAINS WITHOUT TANGLING: - To avoid tangling of your Beaded Curtains, we highly recommend that you do not untie the ties that are around the strands of your curtain. Hang your curtain first. After your curtain is hung, THEN remove the ties.

HOT TIP FOR STORING BEADED CURTAINS WITHOUT TANGLING: - If you are using our Beaded Curtains for temporary installations, you can easily keep them nice if you follow these directions. Before taking your Beaded Curtains down, tie the strands together before taking them down. Grab all of the strands about 2 feet from the top hanging rod and tie some sort of thick ribbon (so you can easily see it) around all of the strands. Then move several feet down the curtain and tie the strands again using the same method as above. This will allow you to then take down your curtain and place it into a storage bag. We use all kinds of things from long duffel bags, to large kitchen trash bags, to under-bed storage boxes for our Beaded Curtains. If you use large kitchen trash bags to store them and wrap the bag tight around the beads, the beads will stay nice. Try to store your beaded curtains so that they are not sliding and shifting around each other to avoid scratching of the beads. You'll get a longer lifespan of sparkle this way! The nice thing about Acrylic Beaded Curtains is that they can also be polished using furniture spray like Liquid Gold and a rag.

HOT TIP FOR UNTANGLING BEADED CURTAINS - You're dealing with many strands of beads, so sometimes some tangles are just plain unavoidable. Or, perhaps you had a "helper" who made a mess of your curtain. If you find that you've got a tangled Beaded Curtain, please hang it up before you try to untangle it. Make sure that the rod is hanging high enough so that the strands do not touch the ground. Even if your curtain is 12 feet long or longer, it's MUCH easier to start untangling it if you are able to hang it up in the air high enough so that the beads do not touch the ground. Never try to untangle a beaded curtain while it is lying on the ground. You're likely to start cursing like a sailor and setting things on fire.

There are two eyelets at the top of each beaded curtain rod that you can use to hang your Beaded Curtains. For event installations, many of our clients use zip-ties to affix the curtains to their existing structures such as trusses or other frame work.

For Home Beaded Curtain Installations: To hang from the door frame you need: two screw-in type of "C" or "cup" hooks. These are the little ones you can find in almost any store. They are used to hang plants primarily. Just screw the hooks into the door frame and slip your curtain over the hooks. You are done! To hang your curtains against the wall or to attach flat to the doorframe you just need to regular old nails! Put the nails in the wall, slip the hooks on the curtain rod over them, and you are done!

If you'd like to hang your curtains over the top of an existing curtain rod, a tension rod, a pole of any kind, or even pipe and drape, take a look at our hooks to the right or CLICK HERE

We also offer magnets with c-hooks which are great for hanging beaded curtains from metal drop-ceilings.