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Floral Chandelier Frame - 32 1/2" Diameter Heavy Duty Ring With Hanging Chain

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  • Item #: 19113
  • Weight: 7.00 LBS
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Width: 32 1/2 inches
  • Color Family: white
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Floral Chandelier Frame 32 1/2" Diameter by 2" Tall with 21" Long Removable Hanging Chain and Split Ring Connector

Available in 3 sizes! 
#19111 is 11 1/4" in diameter
#19112 is 22 1/2" in diameter
#19113 is 32 1/2" in diameter

Weight Capacity Test with our Chicken Wire: We added the chicken wire that we sell to these frames to see how much weight we could load up just lying on top of the chicken wire. We had no problem with 25-30 pounds, but we snapped the circular rings at the top when we got up to 36 pounds. The chicken wire held just fine, but the ring on top was not strong enough when we got to 36 pounds, so we would recommend keeping your designs under 30 pounds if you want to use this as-is.

To Add Chicken Wire:  GLOVES RECOMMENDED! (ask us how we know!)
The Chicken Wire Rolls that we sell that are 38" wide x 720" Long (20 yard rolls).

1) Remove the hanging chain from your frame.

2) Roll the chicken wire out and place your frame on top of it with the holes on top. This way, the wire will be on the bottom portion of your frame rather than the top.

3) Pull more chicken wire out until it is 6-8" longer than the frame on each side so that we would have plenty of wire to wrap around the frame. Be even more generous when cutting the wire if you want to entirely wrap your foam with the chicken wire.

4) Using decent quality Wire Cutters, trim the chicken wire and begin wrapping it up around the frame, similar to how you might work with a pie crust. You can leave the extra chicken wire there, or trim it. Make sure to secure the chicken wire to the frame by using either pieces of the cut-off chicken wire, or using wire ties. Note: if you use dull wire cutters, this process will take longer than it needs to.  

To Use Floral Foam: Cut Your Chicken Wire a little bigger if you want to wrap the chicken wire around the floral foam. The Floral Foam Garlands ("Sausages"), can be used outside of the perimeter of the frame. You can secure them in place with the extra chicken wire or you can use wire ties. Floral Bricks can also be used. 

Gorgeous hanging floral chandeliers create an especially dreamy feeling while enhancing the look of any venue and our Heavy Duty Floral Chandelier Frame will provide the hardware needed to easily craft spectacular overhead floral creations!  Make your event soar above and beyond the usual designs by using floral chandeliers to escalate your décor.  This high quality round white frame is 1/8" thick by 2" tall by 32 1/2" in diameter and comes with a 21" long removable hanging chain.  There are 2 nuts and screws to securely close the ring.

You can wire tie your silks to this frame or to obtain a fuller look, use Netted Floral Foam Garland Sausages to attach and hold flowers and greenery.  To achieve an even beefier look, use Floral Foam Blocks and attach to this frame with chicken wire.  Add dangling garlands and sprays, multi-stem flower bouquets and refreshing greenery sprays to create cascades of hanging floral bliss! Both styles of floral foam can be used wet or dry for real or artificial flowers.

The quality of silk florals have come a long, long way over the years and we search to find very realistic flowers, bouquets, garlands and sprays so there's no need to spend on real flowers, especially when creating an overhead display. This means savings to your budget while greatly enhancing the events' visual impact sunup to sundown with the added bonus of not having to pamper and stress over live blooms.  Our chandelier frames come in 11.25", 22.5" and 32.5" diameters so you can use individually or hang inside each other for a double or triple tiered floral chandelier!

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