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Home  >  Suspended Florals and Crystal Chandeliers Elevate Tablescapes at Luxury Weddings
Suspended Florals and Crystal Chandeliers Elevate Tablescapes at Luxury Weddings

Suspended Florals and Crystal Chandeliers Elevate Tablescapes at Luxury Weddings

Greenery and Chandeliers Float Above Tables at a Marvelous Outdoor Reception

Framing a pretty natural setting with suspended chandeliers and greenery is an effective strategy for a top shelf event design that makes the most of a panoramic view.

In the main photo, we love this mix of crystal chandeliers and Faux Greenery in so many settings. It’s completely perfect to frame a garden view, an ocean view, or any other natural elements that you want to highlight. Fabric swags soften the lines of the venue’s structure and tall candle holders in staggered heights complete the look.

This look is richly layered, in harmony with the outdoor setting, and comprised mostly of reusable pieces that will work with a variety of locations and event themes.

As in the 2nd photo, you can achieve a similar effect in a structured tent by adding a gazebo frame, crystal sphere chandeliers, Faux Florals and faux greenery. Fabric swags again soften the angular aspects of this design, adding a note of romance and softening the sunlight.

Solarium Reception Features Edison Lights and Crystal Chandeliers for Overhead Interest

In the 3rd photo, this upscale vintage venue is the ideal setting for a reception that overflows with old world charm. Subtle infrastructure supports hanging Edison lights, Crystal Chandeliers, and greenery, and understated live blooms and wineglass candle holders sit atop the long table. The overall effect is one of unpretentious charm that complements the venue and sets the stage for a memorable event.

Floral Abundance Sets This Opulent Reception Apart from the Pack

In the 4th photo, floral chandeliers and crystal chandeliers work together at this extravagant wedding reception. Whether live blooms are in the budget or faux florals form the basis of the chandeliers, the overall effect is one of blooming magnificence. We love the suspended cream florals and greenery, the large crystal chandeliers hanging high over the dance floor and low over the tables, and the dense display of faux ivory roses above and below.

We specialize in giving top wedding and event designers an edge by offering timeless, high quality event décor products at competitive prices. You can bring top value to top brides in your area by knowing where to invest your capital: in great looking reusable staples that work weekend after weekend as anchors in a variety of designs and aesthetics.

When you’re ready to invest in crystal chandeliers and the most realistic faux florals and greenery available, and in the metal gazebo structures that support all of the above, we’re ready to help you create setups that will sell over and over again.

Give the nicest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075. We can help you decide what pieces best serve your needs, your clients, and your budget. We will get them packed quickly and shipped carefully to your location on time. Simply stated, we will exceed your expectations, from product quality to customer service, and at every step in between. Let’s begin a great collaboration.
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