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Wedding Tree Decorating (easier than you think!)

Wedding Tree Decorating (It's Easier Than You Think!)
Wedding Tree Decorating (It's Easier Than You Think!)
Use our Real Crystal Garlands, Acrylic Garlands, Rolls of Beads, or even cut up our Beaded Curtains to create a beautiful Wedding Tree.

You can use ANY color tree and ANY color beaded curtain! We have so many options. You can use a GOLD tree with BLACK beads, or a SILVER Tree with SILVER beads...whatever the colors of your theme, we have a tree and the beads that will be perfect for you! Decorated trees are so hot for events, and even for home use as well.

To Decorate the GOLD tree below, we used a 4' Gold Bendable Manzanita Tree in the Pot. We then used our Diamante Duo Champagne Color Beaded Curtain and cut up the strands in 10" sections. So quick and easy, and the result is fantastic. Just place the strands on each little twig in the crease! We can hardly tie our shoes around here and we did this very quickly with little or no crying.

Some of our clients like to drape the trees with our clear acrylic strands with the beads attached to one another with jump rings as shown below:

To Decorate the 4 Foot Tree as shown in the photo above, we simply used:

1) 15 feet of our 30 Foot Long Clear Beaded Strands (Shabby Chic)

2) Approximately 5 each of our "Miranda", "Carrie", and "Samantha" Acrylic Pendants.

Each bead on our 30 Foot Long Clear Beaded Strand is attached to the next with a jump ring. Separating them to use in foot-long sections is a snap. The acrylic pendants all have the same jump ring at the top, so we just added them to the sections of strands.