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Gift Guides ~ Original Ideas for Kids, Tweens & Teens

Gift Guides ~ Original Ideas for Kids, Tweens & Teens

Tween girls are notoriously difficult to shop for (probably we should capitalize that, since we know and love a few tweens ourselves), but we have solutions that are perfect for their style and growing independence at a good value. If you've got a tween daughter, niece, or granddaughter on your list, check out some of our inspiration photos and our easy project solutions to transform her room into her favorite space in the house.

A DIY room redo is a great project during a school break, and you can combine some of our favorite pieces ~ a bead or string curtain, a canopy and a chandelier in her favorite colors ~ with a new bedding set or a shopping trip to choose new accessories to give her room a new, grown up look.

Not to mention several days' worth of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment when her room looks just like she wants it.

The room in the main photo takes two favorite colors and a versatile theme ~ music and performance ~ and transforms the space into a truly custom tween haven. It's perfect for hosting a few close friends or for quiet time alone, writing music or doing homework. The Chandelier over the bed and layers of curtains add sparkle, while metallic accessories and accents provide a bit of pop. The result is sure to please the choosiest tween on your list.

Not sure about which accessories to choose, or sticking to a strict budget? Try our Room in a Box kits that combine a chandelier, a canopy and a bead curtain in coordinating colors at a great price. All you need to do is suss out your tween's favorite color, and you can be the star of her holiday with a kit that will let her personalize her space for years to come.

We can't not share a few more of our favorite inspiration photos ~ these tween rooms are sure to spark the creative bug in you and your tween.

With one of our kits and your tween's imagination, you can get the feel of an inspiration room in a fab space for a fraction of the cost, not to mention a fun Christmas break project.

Whether you're shopping for the littles or need to please a tween with a strong sense of fashion and a flair for the dramatic, our holiday gift guides have it all in one place: original gift ideas for girls and guys (little through adult) and a chance to beat the Black Friday crowds while shopping in your Christmas jammies!
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