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Using Metal & Paper Lanterns as Event Design Staples

Using Metal & Paper Lanterns as Event Design Staples

We are always on the lookout for talent and general fabulousness in our industry, and Instagram has treated us to lots of gorgeous photographs of this lovely lady's work recently. Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Designs has grown her Annapolis, MD-based firm (we love fellow Maryland girls) into an event and floral design powerhouse that serves the entire East Coast. She's fueled her expansion the old fashioned way ~ by focusing on high quality work, inspired creativity, and consistency.

Also see the full interview with Sarah, showcasing her innovative designs. Whether you're an established pro or an up and coming designer looking for tips from the best, we think that you'll love learning how Sarah has built her business into one of the most sought after floral and event design firms in her area by building a brand that her clients trust with their wedding days.

Event Design Staple: Metal Lanterns

If you're just building your stash of event design staples, or if you're looking for a budget-friendly piece to add to your arsenal, small and medium sized metal lanterns are great choices. They are so useful as accents in the focal point areas of a wedding reception, like the gift and cake tables, and they also make very cost-effective bases for pretty centerpieces. This nautical themed wedding makes great use of lanterns and a pretty navy, gold, and white color scheme. Lanterns go so well with many themes and can be transformed completely with colored candles, a few big blooms, votives, and accessories.

This detail image shows how a well chosen accessory, like this nautical knot, can bring in the event theme in a way that makes the centerpiece completely custom to the particular event, while the lantern is a staple that can be reused in so many different ways.

If your venue happens to have a large water fountain or a pool, Sarah's lovely idea to float lanterns is one of the prettiest that we've seen. Wrapping each candle in a bit of jute twine and embellishing each floating vignette with a succulent and a bloom shows how Sarah's eye for detail really sets Intrigue Designs' work apart.

Event Design Staple: Paper Lanterns

In the 4th photo, meet Sarah, surrounded by paper lanterns and a table that's perfectly pretty in pink. We hope that you've enjoyed this tiny taste of Intrigue Designs' work, and we look forward to featuring Sarah and her company here again soon. If you love these looks but need a little help to figure out exactly which ShopWildThings products will get you the look that's in your mind's eye on the budget that you're working with, give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and talk to one of our in-house customer service experts. They will be more than happy to help you figure out what, how many, and when to order some fabulous pieces to make your next wedding or event completely memorable.
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