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CLEARANCE! 3-D Silver Glitter Star Ornament - 16"

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Item Specifics
14 1/2 inches
16 inches
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Item Description
Oversized Metallic Silver Glitter Star Ornament, 16" Tall x 14 1/2" Wide x 1 3/4" Deep

Glitter and glitz is the only way to describe this huge shiny star that's so pretty and shimmery it would really be a crime to not display it year round! We feel this star is worthy of being admired each and every day! This 3 dimensional star is 16" tall by 14 1/2" wide by 1 3/4" deep and has a sturdy hanging loop! Made completely from 1/8" thick wire, this star decoration is very substantial and can be used outdoors as well as in.

Very nice and large, this attention-getter is coated in large chunks of silvery, holographic glitter that sparkles with the least bit of light. Another feature we really like about this star is that one of the 5 points is longer than the others, giving it that appealing, free-form design flair.

Hang from the ceiling for a starry-night themed party, snake Fairy String Lights into the center of the star and display on a shelf or hang in front of a window. This stout star won't get lost in the distance. Or, imagine how cool these would look hanging on a tree outside or inside on a 6' Tall Artificial Tree which is awesome to use throughout the year!
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