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COMING SOON! Pendants - Set of 12 w/ Hangers - XL Kite Shape - 5 1/2" Long

Item #: 144625
Item Specifics
2 inches
5 1/2 inches
Item Description
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5 1/2" Long Extra Large Crystal Clear Beaded Kite Shaped Pendant Strands with Decorative Silver Hangers Set of 12

Add beautiful adornments that instantly enhance and draw attention to centerpieces and floral decor with this Set of 12 Kite Pendant Strands that are each 5 1/2" long and come with a decorative silver hanger. The kite pendant is 2 3/4" long by 2" wide and the beveled edges and faceted surfaces cause this huge crystal acrylic bead to sparkle and shine! The 1 1/2" long hanger is removable and the beads are attached by jump rings so you can easily lengthen, shorten or add several kite pendants to the same strand for a more substantial ornament.

Stunning centerpieces need stunning details and hanging these dazzling strands from Manzanita Trees provide classy ornamentation for stylish accent pieces. For weddings, parties and events, these look incredible shining in the sun, dangling from Arches, aisles and walkways. How easy to simply hang from any hook, peg, magnet hook, tree branch or add some color by hanging from a pretty ribbon!

Large venues, hotels, restaurants and clubs need large, eye-catching decor and these are ideal for adding to chandeliers and lamps or for making floor standing Flowering Trees, flower walls, wreaths or other floral arrangements even more impressive!
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COMING SOON! Pendants - Set of 12 w/ Hangers - XL Kite Shape - 5 1/2" Long
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