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LED Glitter Tree - 24 Cool White Lights - Silver 2' - Battery Operated

Item #: 170051
Item Specifics
20 inches
2 feet
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Item Description
Lights! Glitter! Start the party action! Our new LED Silver Glitter Tree is a ritzy centerpiece or accent piece that's ready to use straight from the box and it's so charming! This tree is 2' tall and has 24 cool white LED's lighting the sparkly silver branches. These cool white LED's are easy on the eyes - no intense blaring light. With the branches straight up the width is 4" or you can gently bend the branches to achieve a spread up to approx. 20".

The entire tree, branches and 4" square base are all glittered, and this literally is a centerpiece ready to go! If you've got little time to plan (sound familiar?) and need a go-to stylish accent piece, this little dynamo will be your life saver! This tree is such a great size and it's just right for tabletop, countertop, desktop, buffet and dessert tables, work spaces or any area where you don't have a lot of space but need some dazzle and light. Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, events and holiday festivities, you can display this fun little cutie as it is or decorate to match your theme or colors. The battery unit is hidden on the bottom of the base and has an on/off toggle switch. This tree requires 3 AA batteries which are not included.

If you want to add some bling, all of our acrylic pendants have exceptional clarity and are faceted to maximize sparkle - the perfect complement for this glitter LED tree. We have a large selection of clear acrylic adornments or if you prefer color, we have a wide range to choose from. All of our pendants have a hole in the top so they can be easily hung with monofilament line, wire or thin ribbon. See the Pendants & Ornaments page or type the pendant name in the search bar: Jocelyn is clear, cone shaped and it's on clearance; Tracy is tear drop shaped with a crackled effect and comes in beautiful colors; Bryn is cone shaped and comes in clear or colored; Bijou is a 1/2" long, pendant drop that also comes in clear as well as in many marvelous colors.

Another option is to string acrylic bead strands and we have many to choose from - see the Garlands & Crystal Strands page. We also have some clearance strands - these are remnant strands of diamonds or ballchain beads and the beads are petit enough for this size of tree. Type remnant into the search field to see all the options. Use these strands to add some glamour to the base or use glitter tulle, diamond confetti or acrylic pendants.

By itself or all decked out, this all-in-one accent tree has all the features needed to get your party started!
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LED Glitter Tree - 24 Cool White Lights - Silver 2' - Battery Operated
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