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LED Wireless Lighting For Lanterns & Chandeliers

LED Wireless Lighting For Lanterns & Chandeliers

Pretty paper lanterns and elegant chandeliers are lighting up stage sets and chic parties from Hollywood to New York, thanks to easy-installation LED lights from ShopWildThings. Shop our single-use and remote control-compatible cordless LED bulbs and discs.á They easily attach inside lanterns and chandeliers to hang from ceilings or create unique centerpieces.

Light up colorful paper lanterns with single, 12-terminal and rectangular wireless LED lights. Our how-to videos will show you how easy it is to insert these eco-friendly light sources. Your party will be divine. Browse our photo pages to see the spectacular effects you can create with white, solid color or color-changing wireless LED lights.

Our battery-operated hanging terminal has 16 LED lights with a cord and clip for hanging. The burn time is 8-plus hours. Use for 12-inch to 36-inch diameter paper lanterns. Our cordless 23-LED light saucers are easy to install inside chandeliers when you can't use plug-in light kits. Pair your purchase with our infrared remote controls that have a 30-foot range.á

Our Lyte LED rings are 6 inches in diameter with three energy-saving LED lights. Use these LED Lyte rings with or without Acolyte RGB remote controls. The open-center design allows you to use it inside a chandelier, on top of a vase or with a gorgeous floral arrangement. Shop our Nu-Tek LED lens-powered lighting with surface-mount technology. Production set crews and wedding planners love our 16-color changing LED light bulb. Just screw it into any standard fixture for a stunning light show.

  • 1000s of hours of use from each cool-touch LED lamp
  • Use with batteries or Acolyte RGB remote controls
  • See how-to videos and event lighting demos
  • Replacement batteries available
  • Chandeliers and paper lanterns available, too
  • Let our expert staff assist with custom projects
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