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Elegant and Affordable Decor for a Large Space

Get This Look:  Elegant, Affordable Reception Decor for a Large Space
Get This Look:  Elegant, Affordable Reception Decor for a Large Space
Suspended Bead Curtains Work Overtime For Your Events
When life gives you a Ritz-Carlton ballroom with Chihuly-esque lighting and a modern color palette, things are already going pretty well. But even a fabulous ballroom must be transformed into a custom eventscape that fits your bride"s vision, and doing so requires creativity, planning, and an arsenal of marquee products and project helping tools.

We specialize in bringing you a broad array of the best event products in the business so that you can build just such a Decor arsenal, positioning your brand as the go to source for modern, elegant event design. Whether you"re building your warehouse of staple pieces from the ground floor, or adding key pieces to an existing store of items, we have high quality, sustainable event products to suit your budget, style, and client base.

Diamond Beaded Curtains are among our most popular items, and for good reason. They are flexible enough to transition between many events ~ use them as backgrounds, as chandeliers, as statement pieces, and as components of larger designs. Divide the (affordable) price per curtain by the number of uses they"ll see in a season, and bead curtains are among the best investments you"ll make this year. They are so well made that they will last for years, and they are also extremely user friendly to install, break down, and store.

We love how this designer used simple bead curtains set at parallel and perpendicular angles to lower the ceiling height, to add sparkle throughout the room, and to customize the space without overwhelming the attractiveness of the existing room features.

Tall Cylinder Vases
The other simple, elegant feature that ties this room together is the generous (but not budget busting) use of Tall Cylinder Vases as centerpieces. The genius of the calla lilies is that they echo the exuberant feel and the trumpet shape of the lighting installations while sitting high enough to hold their own against the room"s soaring ceilings. They are also visually interesting enough to hold their own in small numbers, thus keeping the floral budget within bounds. Their graceful stems and creamy blooms infuse the event with scent and sophistication and fit perfectly into the existing room.

The true genius of these tall vases ~ and the reason that we sell so many of them to designers ~ is that they give the effect of abundance and sophistication while not requiring tons of uber expensive florals to appear sumptuous. They are also space savers, as they are dramatic enough to stand alone on a relatively small footprint. And, with the vases reaching up and the bead curtains extending down, the space becomes intimate and unified rather than overwhelming and impersonal.

Whether you"re placing a last order before a busy Christmas event season or looking forward to charity fundraisers in January and February, bead curtains and tall vases are a winning combination that will maximize your clients" budgets and your events" impact. We think that this dynamic duo of staple pieces is especially well suited to upscale charity auctions and galas, where you can offer your clients great design with low out-of-pocket costs, thus maximizing your value and their donations to worthy causes.

We love scouring the Internet (and our inbox) to bring you the best ideas in wedding and event design. And we traverse the globe to bring you the event Decor that makes these ideas possible within real world constraints of money, time, and logistics.

We welcome the chance to talk to you about how we can help your business reach the next level of creativity, reputation, and design.

Give the friendliest customer service staff in the industry a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you develop a plan to build the Decor product warehouse that will take your business to the next level of client, budget, venue, and reputation.

There is a reason ~ actually, there are quite a few ~ that the top names in event planning consider us their go to source for top quality pieces. We offer them must have products, expert customer service, quick and efficient shipping, and the no hassle experience that goes with treating our customers as we want to be treated. Give us a call, and we will show you!