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COMING SOON! Acrylic Mirror Garland "Aries" 33 Feet Long


  • Item #: 164001
  • Weight: 0.34 LBS
  • Features: hanging, indoor/outdoor
  • Width: 1 1/2 inches
  • Length: 33 feet
  • Color Family: silver
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This Mirror Garland has approximately 132 Double Sided Mirrors per strand. We made them Extra Super Duper Long so that you can cut them where you'd like to. Need 6 Foot Long Strands? This one item will give you 5.5 pcs of 6 Foot Long Strands! Just use scissors to cut them where you'd like. We think these would be AMAZING hanging from the ceiling in between floral garlands like our long orchids. Hang them from Floral Wreaths, or create an entire ceiling out of strands of mirrors! They are very lightweight and will move with the slightest breeze, creating a masterpiece of movement in your space.

Mirrors are an accessory like no other - they add a pop of glitz to everything which immediately catches the eye! Unfortunately, real mirrors can easily break and shatter which makes them quite inappropriate for outdoor use or certain venues. But thanks to our high grade acrylic, single layer mirror strands, you'll get all the benefits of shiny, reflective glass mirrors without the worries of breakage, chipping, falling apart or dividing.

This item is a problem solver! While Real Mirror Strands are beautiful, they are glued back to back on the strands. Over time (and with banging around) they can chip, the glue can come apart, and they need to be repaired. We have solved this problem! because these acrylic strands need no glue and they are virtually unbreakable. Additionally, each strand at the full 33 Feet Long weighs only 8 ounces. This means that you hang hang a whole heaping helping of them from your ceiling (or anywhere) and barely take weight into account!

Our Mirror Garland Strand "Aries" is extra-long at 33' with an additional 3" loop on one end for out of the box instant Decor! The round discs are mirrored on both sides and alternate from 1 1/2" in diameter to 1" in diameter. The mirrors are spaced 2" apart (Aquarius is spaced 1" apart) and each disc has pre-drilled holes on both ends and is strung with durable monofilament line. Create stunning wedding and event centerpieces by stringing through Decorative Trees or use to highlight a floral arrangement.

Use these shimmering mirror garlands to add dimension to window fronts, backdrops and display cases. Brighten a room, bring depth to a wall, lighten up a dim area or combine with Fairy String Lights to increase the sparkle factor. The lightweight strands can be carefully cut to use on crafts or to create special effects like a mobile. You can easily attach a Crystal Pendant to the end of the strand for added weight. Since they aren't glass, they're ideal for outdoor use like hanging in a tree or use to create an eye-catching garden feature or add interest to a gazebo.

33 Feet of superior quality shiny confetti to brighten your world while adding some sparkle, energy and visual stimulation!

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