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Jujube Seeds Beaded Curtain Natural 35" x 78" 60 Strands

Item #: 124066
Item Specifics
35 inches
6 1/2 feet
60 strands
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Item Description
Jujube Seeds Beaded Curtain 35" Wide by 6.5' Long with 60 Strands of Marbled Earth Tone Colors, Doorway, Window, Wall Covering, Closet Door Replacement

So unique and trendy, we're thrilled about our Jujube Seeds Beaded Curtain, made from actual jujube seeds straight from nature! This beefy curtain for doorways or as a wall hanging is 35" wide by 78" long (6.5') and has 60 strands, full of wonderful earthy colors that are marbled together. The seeds are smooth and very hard (like acrylic beads), pretty much round and approx. 3/8" in diameter. Jujube seeds come from date trees, derived from nature herself! The natural wood headrail is painted black on the front and this curtain weighs 8.8 lbs.

Whether your style is traditional, beachy, rustic, bohemian, country or nature lover, there's sure to be at least one room, wall, doorway or window in your personal world that will be enhanced with this curtain and the marbling on the beads is a super attractive effect which also adds to the natural look. This curtain also makes a terrific closet door, especially in small rooms where space is limited. The colors range from dark brown, gray, tan and ivory. The beads are strung on thick thread so care must be taken if you choose to shorten the length. This is a very easy curtain to walk through, as in the strands won't tangle as you pass through, or you can tie groups of strands together to form columns or tie them off to the sides. Try some jute or braided rope tiebacks to further the natural effect!

This curtain comes with 3 metal eyelets that are not attached so you can choose the hardware you feel appropriate for your installation. The paint on the headrail is not ideal; depending on where it's hung, you may want to dab some paint on the ends. Please take a moment to view the video that shows the wonderful features of our wood beaded curtains and how to hang multiple curtains next to each other.
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Jujube Seeds Beaded Curtain Natural 35" x 78" 60 Strands
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