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Pendants & Ornaments

Pendants & Ornaments

Acrylic pendants are like nothing else. They're strong and durable, and they provide you with a spectacular display. At ShopWildThings, we carry many crystal acrylic pendants for a wide range of applications, and if you're looking for glass, we have you covered there, too. You'll find an extensive collection of glass pendants and ornaments that are unbelievably beautiful so that you have the freedom to create an innovative, unique look in any environment. From weddings and other formal occasions to parties and personal use, our collection of crystal acrylic pendants and glass pendants has exactly what you need to let your creative talents shine.

Our high-quality crystal pendants are all carefully crafted to pull in light and reflect it to create a beautiful prism effect. Each is cut to throw a spectacular display, whether you will be using it in a centerpiece, as part of a chandelier or as a magical, whimsical piece to hang from a wedding arch (we do carry wedding arches as well, so you can create something from the ground up). No matter what you're using these crystal pendants for, we've already ensured that they're made from the finest and most durable materials. At ShopWildThings, we have traditional diamond-shaped acrylic pendants, droplet-shaped pendants and so much more; that's because we specialize in providing the widest selection possible.

Our in-house experts have handpicked each crystal and glass pendant in our collection. You'll find a stunning array of colors in our selection, from bright blues and pinks to dignified amber and black. We also have an extensive collection of clear crystal acrylic pendants, which are perfect complements to colors; they also make excellent stand-alone pendants that pull in natural light and create beautiful rainbow effects. At ShopWildThings, we're thrilled that you're here, and we know you're going to love what you find.
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