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Photo Prop Frame Silver - 32" x 20 1/2"

Item #: 750201
Item Specifics
20 1/2 inches
32 inches
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Item Description
Photo Prop Picture Frame Silver Plastic Cutout 32" x 20 1/2" DIY Backdrop

Frames automatically pull people together and what a wonderful way to have a laugh while making treasured memories! Easy to use, fun and lightweight, this fabulous Silver Photo Prop Picture Frame Cutout will get your party started and provide hours of entertainment for guests of all ages! This sturdy frame measures 32" long by 20 1/2" wide and is approx. 2" thick (deep). There's something about being "framed" that brings out the silliness in everyone and what a perfect way to unwind and let go after all the planning and hard work you put in to make sure your event is perfect. Its amusing details like this that your family, friends and guests will be talking about years later!

This frame weighs 1 lb. and the inside measurement is approx. 12" x 21". The perfect photography accessory for parties, weddings, anniversaries, reunions and photo booths, this is made from heavy-duty plastic so it won't warp. Another fantastic use for frames is to hang above a bed with an initial (letter) in the center, use to frame an inspirational message or outline cork to create a thumbtack bulletin board!

There are numerous insert pegs on the backside to tack on wrapping paper or fabric to design a 3-D backdrop or wall hanging, then you can easily change the color or add on other materials to craft a seasonal accent piece. To bling out the frame, add some rhinestone stickers or use handy U GLU Dots to attach lightweight materials like feathers.

Seriously, serious photos are so yesterday. GO HAVE FUN!
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Photo Prop Frame Silver - 32" x 20 1/2"
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