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Coming Soon! Flower Ball - Silk Hydrangea - Pomander Kissing Ball 12" - Pink

Item #: 143078
Item Specifics
12 inches
hang, carry, tabletop
Item Description
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You just can't beat the convenience and look of silk flowers and you'll find this Pink Hydrangea Flower Ball to be one of your favorite decorating elements when you need to create a refreshing floral display! This classy Silk Pomander Kissing Ball is a FULL 12" in diameter and comes with an 8" long, matching pink ribbon. This ball is slightly 2-toned, with some petals being just a shade darker than others and this contrast provides depth and adds visual interest. The ball comes in 2 halves that snap together and this unique design gives you more options and choices!

The interior plastic framework is pretty flexible so using one half of the ball, you can gently smoosh the edges and place inside a vase or for flower wall backdrops, use the separate halves to spell out a special message or design a monogram.

Flower balls are so easy to use in centerpieces, adding a sophisticated touch of elegance for weddings and events. For easy table Decor, simply top off a Tall Centerpiece Vase. To accentuate an aisle or for a floor accent piece, place atop a Floral Riser.

These are ideal for flower girls to carry down the aisle and you can also line your aisle by hanging these from Shepherds' Hooks. They are also great for adding lots of color and volume to wedding arches and the interior framework makes it easy to attach glitzy crystal garland strands or crystal pendants. Handy, practical, versatile with no mess or hassle! What a great element to have close at hand for those last minute emergencies when you need to create a stylish focal piece, and of course these kissing balls can be used over and over!
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Coming Soon! Flower Ball - Silk Hydrangea - Pomander Kissing Ball 12" - Pink
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