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Wooden Bead Curtain "Boho" Rainbow 35" x 69"- 27 Strands

Item #: 124070
Item Specifics
35 inches
5.75 feet
27 strands
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Item Description
Bamboo Wood Beaded Curtain "Boho" Rainbow 35" Wide by 69" Long, 27 Strands of Colorful Wood Beads, Room Divider, Closet Curtain, Door, Wall & Window Hanging

Our Bamboo Wood Beaded Curtain "Boho" Rainbow features 27 strands of wooden beads in fun and energizing colors, ready to delight your guests right out of the box! The multi-shaped beads add dimension and this curtain really catches your eye (and lightens the mood!). There are 1/2" round beads alternating with 1/8" square beads and "Boho" weighs 3.2 lbs. The wooden headrail is painted black and comes with 2 eyelets attached for instant hanging.

This is an easy curtain to walk through, as in the strands won't tangle as you pass through, making it an ideal replacement for traditional doors, closet doors or to use as room dividers. Ideal for parties and those of us who love color, "Boho" reminds us of gum balls and this curtain would make a perfect wall backdrop for candy stores, play areas, rec rooms and such. But why not liven up and give a fresh look to a window or doorway around the house, or use in place of a boring closet or panty door.

Please take a moment to view the video that shows the wonderful features of our wood beaded curtains and how to hang multiple curtains next to each other.
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Wooden Bead Curtain "Boho" Rainbow 35" x 69"- 27 Strands
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