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Crystal-Studded Wedding Reception Decor

Crystal-Studded Wedding Reception Decor
Crystal-Studded Wedding Reception Decor
When a show-stopping (scroll-stopping?) image comes across our Facebook newsfeed, we can't help but mentally take it apart to see what tips and tricks went into creating the gorgeous scene in the picture.

This candlelit reception oozes class and drips bling, and it definitely made us stop our scrolling to admire the design. And you can imagine how our design minds went into overdrive to figure out how to Get This Look. Or rather, you don't have to imagine...

We can't wait to share our take on this design with you.

Here's our take on how to get this look, which we think is a hit for the designer *and* the bride.

The Floral Arch is definitely the piece de resistance of the affair, as it sets the scene for each guest who enters and frames the introductions of the bridal party and the new Mr. and Mrs. Truly a focal point!

The crystal bead strands, pendants and Hanging Votives suspended from the floral arch add dimension and visual interest, and you might even be brave enough to use real tea lights. If not, white LEDs are a fire-safe substitute to complement the candlelight on your tables.

The centerpieces feature loosely constructed pomanders on the top and smaller, tighter poms suspended within the bases. Tall Floral Sprays break up the spheres and add height and drama to each table. Many of the centerpieces also feature dripping crystal bead strands, and we think we might spy some suspended blooms as well?

Finally, the base of each centerpiece includes an array of votives. Again, tealights are perfect for this purposes, or white LEDs offer similar light ~ and you can even choose LEDs that can be turned on and off remotely (no need to circulate lighting each candle individually) if time is of the essence.

We hope that you've enjoyed our little Thursday afternoon quarterbacking of this amazing Saturday night affair. If you've got a favorite inspiration photograph and want our take, or if you want to challenge us to figure out how your amazing reception was created, shoot us an image, and we'll do our best to dissect it!